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Zainab Atta

From the young age of 11 I was interning at my father’s business as an office assistant, and from him I learned really strong work ethics although I didn’t realize it at the time. I went on to study accounting for 4 years at university, and by the time I graduated I knew I did not really want to be an accountant. I always had an entrepreneurial flair so I decided to pursue a Masters degree in International Business and hoped it would guide me to my calling, but it did not quite work out that way. I spent the last 10 years gaining a vast range of experiences in finance and project management roles and finally my current role in financial crime compliance.

Outside my day job I pursue other passions and have held a range of roles at various charities including a Trustee position. One of such roles is as Chief Operating Officer at Career Masterclass where I have the opportunity to support the founder’s vision of giving women and BAME professionals a fighting foot by organising events and Masterclasses that improve soft and interpersonal skills. I am extremely passionate about fairness and equality issues faced by women and BAME professionals in the workplace. I also love to support and mentor young women when I can. At Career Masterclass I am responsible for driving operational effectiveness and driving the activities that ensure we meet our organisational objectives. Ultimately I find fulfillment in volunteering and being able to give back

People would describe me as passionate; always ready to challenge the status quo, dependable and adaptable. I am also a bit of a perfectionist and probably my own biggest critic, but only because I always want to put my best foot forward.

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