Sarah Kouch | Societe Generale

Sarah Kouch

After finishing my degree in 2015, I had the opportunity to join Soc Gen’s graduate program in London. Travelling has always been a dream to me and being able to fulfill it through my job is a wonderful thing. As a student I had to sacrifice a few experiences abroad because I had to work to finance my college education. I worked as sales but also as a babysitter or a mathematics teacher. This is something I am very proud of and I am very satisfied today that I finally managed to explore a new country and a new culture.

I was born in Paris, from Moroccan parents. I am part of the first immigration generation who needed to adjust itself to a double culture. This is something I always bring to the fore, as it makes people sharing different lifestyles, understand more about each other and open our mind to live in cohesion.
I opted for a Mathematic degree as I was more interested by scientific classes than literature, but in the meantime, through my few experiences I really loved my sales roles, discussing with clients and being proactive. Thus, I chose to complete my mathematics degree by a business school in partnership with an engineering school to study Financial Markets. I had the chance to simulate trading activity there and I found the job really fascinating.
If I was not a trader today, as one of my passions is cooking, I would have opened a French and Moroccan restaurant with a crazy touch. Maybe a food truck to reach as many people as possible…

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