Can I nominate more than one individual?

Yes, you can nominate as many individuals as you like. Please ensure your nomination meets the requirements for entry. You can see the criteria for entry here.

Does it cost to nominate? Or is there a charge to nominate anyone?

No, our awards are completely free to enter.

I was nominated last year but I didn't make the shortlist/winners event, can I enter again?

Yes, we would like to encourage all of last year’s entrants to re-enter for the 2016 awards. However, previous winners will not be recognised for a consecutive year.

What if I am nominated multiple times?

Those nominated a number of times are treated in the same way as a single entry. We will use the most comprehensive nomination received in the judging process. Those who receive multiple nominations do not have an advantage over those who only receive a single nomination.

I have been nominated and want to nominate someone else?

We absolutely encourage nominees to nominate others.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, we encourage self-nominations.

Can I nominate a man for the awards?

At the moment, our awards are focused on highlighting the achievements of the female pipeline. However, you can nominate a man for our Rising Star Champions award.

Can men nominate?

Absolutely. Throughout the process we will be encouraging men to nominate their female peers & colleagues.

Can I nominate those who live or work abroad?

For 2016, nominations will only be accepted for those working in the UK and Northern Ireland.

What if I/my nominee moves abroad during the process?

If you/your nominee is shortlisted and then moves abroad, we would still include the individual in the awards and process their entry through to our final judging stages.

Does my nomination have to come from my employer?

No, anyone can nominate you. However, we suggest that it is someone who able to articulate your achievements in detail.

My company are sponsoring a category, can I still nominate myself/be nominated?

Yes, your company’s involvement does not prevent you from entering the awards. All of our judges are from non sponsoring companies and are asked to declare any known conflicts of interest at the point of judging. We also remove your surname and company detail from our judging packs to ensure each entry is judged fairly and not subjected to any unconscious bias.

One of the judges works for the same organisation as me, can I still nominate myself/be nominated?

Yes, we are able to see if there is a conflict of interest between an entrant and a judge and will manage this situation by asking another judge to assist. We also ask all of our judges to declare if they feel compromised either because they know the individual nominated or they have close links with their company.

I am not a senior member of staff, but I do run a small team. Can I still be nominated?

We appreciate that some individuals will have line management responsibilities and yet they do not hold senior position within their organisations. If you are running a small team of one or two individuals (e.g. you are a team leader, supervisor or junior manager), you still qualify to enter the awards.

What if I have made a mistake on my nomination form (e.g. wrong category, incorrect email address)?

Please contact us as soon as possible via [email protected] Errors cannot be rectified once nominations close.

What if I get promoted during the process?

If you are promoted after nominations close and you feel you no longer fit the criteria of a Rising Star, please inform [email protected]

What is the Rising Star Champion award?

This award is to recognise the achievements of five senior individuals, male or female, who are actively supporting the female pipeline outside of their day job. Nominations for this award are individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to gender, eg HeForShe supporters, Network Leaders, Directors, MD’s or C-Suite individuals who are championing women either inside or outside their organisations.

What is the Company of the Year award?

The Company of the Year award recognises the achievements of a company who can clearly demonstrate that they are actively supporting and developing their female talent pipeline through their initiatives, training, development programmes and/or internal employee relations groups.


WeAreTheCity will screen all entries after the closing date to ensure they are fit for purpose for our judges. Should a nomination be incomplete, we reserve the right to discard the entry. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to chase individuals for missing details. Once you receive a communication from WeAreTheCity, please ensure you complete all the required questions to the best of your ability and return any supporting information requested as soon as possible (or in advance of given deadlines). If the supporting information is not received by the closing date for nominations, we will reluctantly have to remove your entry from the process.

Shortlisting & Winners

WeAreTheCity has selected 20+ independent judges and two standby judges, should there be any conflict of interest when judging a nomination. The shortlist will be drawn up using three judges and the remaining judges will judge the overall winners. All nominees will be judged by the same amount of judges.

To remove any bias, nominees surnames and companies are removed from the details provided to our Judges. Should one of our judges recognise the nominee by way of their achievements, they will be asked to declare the conflict and step out of the judging process. In this situation, one of our standby judges will step in to independently judge the nomination. Please note the judges’ decisions are final.

How does the public vote contribute to the final winners?

We encourage all shortlisted nominees to use their social media networks to promote their shortlisting. Given the amount of nominations we receive, being shortlisted is a big achievement.

We also suggest that shortlisted individuals call for public votes of support should they feel comfortable doing so.

The public vote count only identifies one winner of a category, the additional four places are awarded by our judging panels.

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