Samaira Mehta

Samaira Mehta is a 13-year-old Tech Entrepreneur who was recognized by TIME as “One of the 8 Young Leaders Shaping the Decade” and a “Real-life Powerpuff girl” by Hulu for her invention “CoderBunnyz” – a board game that simplifies complex coding concepts and teaches them in a fun farmyard adventure.

Samaira is also the founder of “CoderMindz” – the world’s first-ever Artificial Intelligence board game that simplifies the intricacies of how AI works, and “CoderMarz” which brings together her love for coding and AI with her interest in outer space and Mars.

Mehta is a Gen Z ambassador for Arm with their program GenArm2Z, works with the United Nations for gender equality, and is a Softbank Masason Scholar. She was featured on platforms like Vogue, CNBC, CNET, Business Insider, Today Show, UN Women, and Washington Post for her creations and 500+ workshops that she has lead, which spotlight her board games, through which she has taught over 15,000 kids to code. She has been a speaker at over 100 conferences nationwide and internationally including at MWC’19, C2 Montreal, and corporations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, SAP, Walmart, and IBM.

Her STEM initiative “Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code” and entrepreneurship academy “Boss Bizz” are ambitious but that’s not her only goals. She wants to become President of the United States when she’s older, giving her a bigger platform and voice to do what she believes is right for the country.