Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force was formed in the crucible of the First World War and for over a century has been constantly dedicated to serving the needs of the Nation both in times of peace and conflict.

The four core roles of the RAF are: to defend the airspace of the UK, our dependent territories and our allies; to provide air mobility, often in support of humanitarian operations; to provide intelligence through the use of aerial reconnaissance; and lastly, within strict legal constraints, to apply force to achieve national objectives.

The RAF’s capability does not primarily come from our equipment, although much of it is at the cutting edge of technology, rather it comes from the quality of our people. We are therefore dedicated to selecting, training and supporting all of our Service personnel so that they can best fulfil their potential both for themselves and for the Nation. With more than 32,000 very different individuals making up a cohesive and united team, we take pride in driving forward ‘Through Adversity to the Stars.’