Rose Tucker | ThoughtWorks

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I work as a software consultant for ThoughtWorks. My job involves working with client companies to help improve their digital capabilities, this may mean adding new digital products, or re-working existing products to improve the experience of their customers. As a developer at ThoughtWorks I have to wear many hats, sometimes I work with product owners to help them understand their vision, sometimes I work with other developers to write software, sometimes I help to build the infrastructure that our software will run on, and some times I do all of those things on the same day.

Particular projects vary, only day i could be building a mobile banking application for 1 million users, another I could be helping to shape the technology strategy of a global organisation,  and then I could be working pro bono to help a non profit define their technical vision.

I’m currently working towards becoming a Technical Lead within ThoughtWorks.

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