Rikki Alderman

As a career soldier within the AGC(SPS), my journey began directly upon leaving school in 2004 at the Army Foundation College Harrogate.

Completing special-to-arm training, my first assignment commenced as a junior administrator with the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. Embracing every opportunity of developing my newly learnt administrative skills, I also deployed with the Battalion to an exercise in Malaysia and on operational engagements to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Following an assignment to Headquarters 16 Air Assault Brigade as the Logistics Movements Clerks and promoted to Corporal, in 2009, I was selected to become a Section Commander with 2nd Army Training Regiment Pirbright. My appointment consisted of training the army’s future soldiers in addition to providing them with pastoral support. In 2011, I was selected as the army’s ambassador for an exchange post in New Zealand on Exercise Long Look, where upon I instructed personnel from the New Zealand Defence Force.

Upon return, my journey took me to the Falkland island whereupon I was employed as the movement Junior Non-Commissioned Officer in a Tri-Service environment within the Falkland Island Support Unit. During this assignment and being recognised for making the most contribution for a junior non-commissioned officer (NCO), I was awarded the prestigious Avery-Wilkes trophy.

Selected for promotion to a Senior NCO in 2012, I was assigned to 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment in the position of their Staff Support Assistant where I became a part of the Commanding Officer’s TAC Headquarters and subsequently deployed on exercise and overseas on operations in Afghanistan. Upon return and selected to be the STRAP Focal Point to the Chief of Defence Staff in 2014, my role entailed the dissemination of highly sensitive material for Chief of the Defence Staff, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Secretary of State and all other Defence Ministers.

Promoted further in 2017, I returned to Pirbright as their chief clerk, responsible for administrating in excess of 140 permanent staff members and 1,000 recruits within a busy training establishment. In 2019 I returned to 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian regiment as the Financial Systems Administrator and I have recently promoted to a Warrant Officer 2nd class and look forward to an appointment with the Light Dragoon Guards situated in North Yorkshire.