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Each tea leaf has a purpose. Some are mood lifters, others help you relax, whilst some work as aphrodisiacs. You just need to know what to select for any particular day.’ – Radhika, Founder of Radhikas Fine Teas and Whatnots.

Radhika is a celebrated tea sommelier who first introduced the idea of fine teas in India and all things around it. Right from the art of brewing fine teas to hosting customised tea ceremonies, Radhika’s Fine Teas – a premium signature tea brand – has been tantalising many a palate in urban Indian households.

From a marketing professional to an entrepreneur to a mom, Radhika’s tea story is a fine blend of warmth and originality. Her travel tales across India in search of the finest tea leaves and her ingenuity in coming up with the most unique tea blends ensure that you get that perfect brew every time you make a cuppa. And if you follow her fine tea recommendations, you end up turning your otherwise ordinary day into a tealiciously fine day.

Come, join her on this journey as she unfolds the magic of the finest of leaves in your tea cup. A journey where you will discover that tea isn’t just black or green, but a beautiful infusion of good mood and good health paired with some perfect munchies.

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