Nischala Murthy Kaushik


Nischala is a new-age marketer, and is responsible for global marketing and thought leadership initiatives in a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company. Her work revolves around business strategy, Go-To-Market initiatives, global branding, creative “no money marketing” campaigns, end-to-end content programs, partner collaborations and events. She thrives in work environments which compel her to use the left and right side of her brain, and which also involve a blend of logic, creativity and making a global impact.

Beyond work, she is a thinker, dreamer, mentor and ideapreneur and all her ideas find a creative outlet in her words. She is a writer / blogger, and publishes regularly on her own blogs and in media publications of global repute like Huffingtonpost, Economic Times and YourStoryCo.

An IIM-B alumnus, her claim to fame is being featured among many Best-of blogging lists, Twitterati and in the print media; and most recently she gave her very first TED(x) talk. She is also a mom and that keeps her balanced, grounded and rooted to reality. She is a strong advocate of #WomenAtWork and never misses any opportunity to write or speak on the topic to help move the dot forward on empowering women to pursue active careers.

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