Michelle Sharples is a Public Health Nurse Executive who has worked in various health organisations, both private and NHS for over 18 years.

Michelle holds a DipHE Nursing, BSc (hons) Public Health, MSc International Management (MBA), is a NMC registered nurse prescriber and is an accredited member of The Association of MBA’s.

Michelle is an incredibly driven person who strives to make a positive contribution in all her work. Michelle believes that, in all aspects of business, a team abundant in diversity is the key to competitive advantage: “The more diverse that a team is, the richer and more innovative the strategies and ideas offered”.

Michelle is passionate about colleague empowerment, learning and development and has maintained an innate love of ongoing education throughout her working life.

Michelle has enjoyed a great deal of voluntary work throughout her career to enhance and compliment her employment experiences. From peer supporter in local parenting groups to consulting as a Non-Executive Director within a C.I.C. Michelle believes that every experience adds value.

For eleven years Michelle worked in school health and noticed the growing trend of young people’s obsession with image and tried to teach and empower them, especially the girls to value themselves.

In 2014 Michelle returned to university having secured a fully funded secondment with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to complete an honours degree in Public Health. In preparation, Michelle had an assessment for dyslexia, as she always suspected that she had undiagnosed problems. During the assessment it was concluded that Michelle did have dyslexia as well as the sensory elements of dyspraxia and Irlens syndrome.  In addition, Michelle scored highly for ADHD and was referred to the adult ADHD service for further assessment. It was confirmed that Michelle had quite severe, inattentive ADHD.  The diagnosis explained her early struggles in education and previous underachievement.

In September 2015 Michelle graduated as a band 6 ‘Specialist Community Public Health Nurse’ (SCPHN) with a specialism in ‘Health Visitng’.  However, Michelle missed working with young people, so she tenaciously wrote to every NHS trust within 50 miles until she eventually secured full secondment and sponsorship through Virgin healthcare. Michelle stayed on at The University of Surrey for another four months to complete an additional field of practice qualification in School Nursing.  On completion Michelle became a dual qualified SCPHN practitioner of Health Visiting and School Nursing.

In January 2016, Michelle then began working at a school and registered care home for children with severe challenges and special needs, as a band 7 school nurse practitioner and health centre manager.

With ambitions to progress her career further Michelle returned to University a third time in September 2017 and commenced a MSc International Management (MBA) at Royal Holloway University of London, full time.

The MSc was the first course of education that Michelle had ever completed whilst in receipt of adjustments and support for the various learning difficulties.  The difference was phenomenal, and for the first time Michelle was able study effectively and with focus.  Michelle is a self-funded MSc student via a SFE loan, working agency nurse shifts at Frimley Health as a bank nurse, between her studies.

During bank shifts, Michelle can be placed anywhere in the hospital. Most staff ask about her background and Michelle is happy to tell them. Michelle always encourages those who cross her path to apply for every opportunity available and Michelle continually seeks to empower female colleagues to not limit themselves.

Coaching and inspiring others (especially fellow women) is a deep rooted passion.  With Michelle’s MSc she is currently working at an average of 73% and is on track to gain a MSc with distinction.

Michelle is currently applying for senior positions and hopes to continue to motivate and role model her tenacity and drive, to other professional women in all that she does. Although it’s not just women; Michelle endeavours to empower anyone who is lacking self-confidence and needs support. Michelle loves helping people, she is a people person through and through, and strongly believes that it just takes one person to smile at another person who is struggling and say ‘I know you can do it’ to make a huge difference!