Megan Lloyd

Born in 1984, the fifth child and only daughter of a widowed mother, Megan grew up below the poverty line on a tough Essex estate where drugs and crime were part of daily life.

Against the odds, she gained the top GCSE grades in her year in a failing school and rose to Head Girl despite the bullies and gangs. Joining the Army as a teenager to escape the estate, Megan was accepted as a soldier into the Intelligence Corps. At 19 she was sent to serve in Northern Ireland and at 21 she served her first tour of Afghanistan, having qualified as a linguist. By 24, Megan had served three tours of Afghanistan and made a name for herself as a distance runner and mountaineer, leading teams of soldiers all over the world raising money for charity and awareness for the suffering of animals and children abroad. Megan became a mother aged 26 in 2011, juggling her career with childcare, rising through the ranks with the support of her strong single mother, who died suddenly in 2015. Despite the tragic loss, Megan continued her job deploying soldiers to Iraq and remained committed to charity fundraising events that enabled community defibrillators to be placed into two rural primary schools. Selected for a commission from the ranks in 2018, Megan was awarded the rank of Captain and qualified in military accountancy within the Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support). In 2018, whilst undertaking a military trial, Megan was injured and required surgery to her hip and a long period of recovery. With her future uncertain, Megan slowly recovered with the help of military charities and in 2021, was selected to run the famous Marathon Des Sables desert ultra-race for the charity Walking With The Wounded. She hopes to raise £5000 and continue to inspire other injured soldiers not to give up hope.

Megan now leads a team of specialist soldiers in support of the King’s Royal Hussars, a Royal Armoured Corps Regiment in Tidworth, Wiltshire.