Meera Chudasama

My name is Meera Chudasama and I have 3 exciting roles.

• English, Media and Film Studies Teachers at Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes
• Research Lead, Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes
• Editor, Innovate Journal

In each role I am privileged to develop strong teaching and learning practices for other practitioners and myself. For myself, I have developed students as researcher who have taken part on research; this has lead to students leading and presenting their own findings to their peers. Such presentations have provided further evidence for the role of students academic research. Furthermore, I have been able to support students achieving their target grade; 70% and above for English and 98% for Film Studies coursework.

My love of teaching and learning led me work with a growing network of global practitioners. At the core of this network is Innovate Journal. I re-invented this journal and curate it by myself. As a result, I have grow an in-house teacher-research journal to an international platform that shares best teaching practice.

Alongside the journal, I connect with a (put a number in here) teachers to support their investigations into their practice; as well as working on a one-to-one level with teachers to develop their own action research in their unique contexts.