Kajal Chhapia

Kajal Chhapia is a public policy professional with experience across financial services. Kajal recently joined Oliver Wyman, prior to which she was at the Bank of England.

Kajal joined the Bank of England in 2018 after graduating from the University of Oxford. Her main role focused on ending ‘too big to fail’ through capital and liquidity policy for global banks. During the pandemic, Kajal also spent 6 months at the Joint Biosecurity Centre (Department for Health and Social Care) determining the UK’s international travel policy. Kajal joined Oliver Wyman in 2021, working primarily across Public Sector Policy and Financial Services. Passionate about inclusion, diversity and social mobility, Kajal is also the founder and director of Divercity, a non-profit organisation championing diversity in Finance and Consulting. Kajal leads a mentoring programme with 100+ participants across 54 companies, 38 universities and 3 countries. Additionally, Kajal is particularly interested in sustainable finance and international development and holds the CFA Investment Management Certificate