Christina Warner

Christina is a family law, human rights and animal protection barrister at Goldsmith Chambers. Originally qualifying as a solicitor-advocate, she cross-qualified as she believed her skills could be better utilised at the bar.

Having contributed to campaigns and conferences she raises awareness of social mobility and access to justice for those of marginalised and disenfranchised communities, in particular those of the LGBT and Spanish-speaking communities in London.

Christina often represents individuals who form part of alternative family structures, promoting their rights and those of their children as well as better visibility of the community before the family courts.

After a sabbatical at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, where Christina contributed to the draft guidance on policies involving children and also formed part of a team of prosecutors bringing cases against individuals involved in the recruitment of child soldiers and girls involved in sexual slavery; Christina was appointed associate counsel in January 2018 with a particular interest in representing the victims of gender-based violence.

Aside from her work in family justice, Christina also works on matters concerning animal protection and domestic abuse and the impact of family law proceedings on the lives of companion animals. Having collaborated with both animal and domestic abuse charities in the UK and internationally, she has advised on the safeguarding and wellbeing of animals in situations of domestic abuse or in circumstances of relationship breakdown, highlighting the role companion animals play in the lives of children who have been subject to family law proceedings.

Christina has been published in leading legal journals on legislation impacting animals, including matters of dog ownership and the need for greater funding for those fleeing domestic abuse with their companion animals.

Christina has been a keynote speaker at international events discussing matters of domestic abuse. During 2020, Christina was invited by US-based charity, Positive Links to speak on two occasions firstly, in May 2020 on the impact of CoVid on domestic abuse in the UK and in September 2020 on the protection of companion animals in situations of domestic abuse.

Christina was also a keynote speaker at Recognise & Respond: Strengthening advocacy for LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse which was hosted by LGBT charity, GALOP in May 2019. She provided an update in relation to the proposals made by the domestic abuse legislation and how this is likely to affect both service providers and those of the LGBT+ community. Christina was amongst members of Parliament and academics talking on the subject of intimate partner violence and domestic abuse.

In 2021, Christina was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, a genetic birth defect causing which causes sight loss. As someone who is partially sighted, Christina feels honoured to form part of an incredible community of practicing barristers who represent those with seen and unseen disabilities championing for greater visibility and diversity at the bar.