Charlotte Morphet

As a co-founder of the Women in Planning network, Charlotte has actively sought to achieve equal recognition and opportunity for women in the sector.

She is a considerate, passionate, and an inclusive advocate. Charlotte is distinctive in her focus on partnership working as a route to achieving change. As a chartered town planner, she realises she has a critical role in shaping inclusive and equitable places and spaces.

What makes Charlotte unique is her dedication to evidencing the issues in the planning sector. In her spare time, she has produced research on the gender leadership gap in planning. Charlotte has now embarked on a part time PhD to study women’s experiences as leaders and managers in planning, after being awarded a bursary from Leeds Beckett University.

Charlotte strongly believes that early career professionals should have a voice in shaping the future of their industries. She is Chair of the Planning Officers Society NOVUS network for early career planners; as well as sitting on the Board as a Trustee and a Director; representing their voices. Charlotte is also a member of the Academy of Urbanism Young Urbanists Steering Committee; which is committed to engaging in multidisciplinary discussions. She has previously