Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Davies’ career in the Royal Air Force began in 2001 when she joined as a Weapons Technician in charge of maintaining and managing aircraft weapon systems.

Throughout her career, Charlotte’s greatest passion has been the development of others by encouraging them to be the best they can be. She has taken advantage of the many opportunities offered in the Royal Air Force to hold instructing and development roles and has relished the privilege to help people grow professionally and personally. She has been honoured to teach, guide, mentor and coach a wide range of people. From instructing recruits how to iron shirts and polish shoes, to developing a new armament training package for Puma Helicopter Force, she views every day as an opportunity to learn and promote understanding in order to create an inclusive workplace environment. Charlotte is also a strong advocate of equality. As Co-Chair of the Royal Air Force LGBT+ Freedom Network, she uses her position to advise and guide the broader community on LGBT+ matters. As part of the LGBT+ community and as a female role model, she supports RAF Diversity Allies to showcase difference and grow awareness. Through engagement, she supports those personnel in the minority but also widens awareness within the majority, working tirelessly towards a positive culture of belonging. Her reach is wide. She is a ‘reverse mentor’ to a number of executive managers at Royal Air Force Benson and within the Royal Air Force Senior Leadership Team. She offers her perspective to help leaders make more informed decisions for the workforce. She is also a key member of the Royal Air Force Executive Shadow Board; a board of junior personnel that offers their perspectives on key policies and working principles that affect the entire Force. Charlotte is passionate in the pursuit of change. Her commitment to truth, advocacy and knowledge sharing has contributed to significant organisational changes and a greater awareness of inclusion for all personnel in the Royal Air Force.