Pooja Goyal | Intellitots Learning

Pooja Goyal is a well-known educator working to transform early childhood and K-12 education in India. She is the founder of Intellitots Learning, which is known for its groundbreaking work in the field of early childhood education and care. Intellitots is partnering with Dr. Mariale Hardiman, of Johns Hopkins School of Education, to drive innovation in early years teacher training and curriculum development.   She is transforming the way math education is addressed in Indian schools by closely working with school leadership teams, teachers and children to address mindsets and implement innovative programs. An engineer from IIT Delhi, and  an MBA from INSEAD, France, Pooja has worked in the US, Europe and India and has successfully paired her work experience at companies like Adobe Systems and Palm with her passion for education. Pooja speaks on the issues of changing education paradigms and entrepreneurship. She has been awarded the ' Woman of Substance' award for her contribution to the field of education and is a mentor to many school leaders and teachers.


Richa Sethi Agarwal | The Writer's Bug

I started my career as a sales and marketing professional in the corporate world. After a successful stint of eight years in various national level roles with Philips Electronics, I decided to follow my passion for creating impactful learning pathways for children.

I co-founded 'The Writer's Bug, with the purpose of making creative, literary and life skills more accessible to children. Over past few years we have created many avenues that laud the creative expression, as well as empowers children to pursue their literary and creative dreams confidently. The Writer's Bug hosts Junior Writer's Bug literary festival for children, that celebrates not just stories, books, colourful illustrations but also provides students the opportunity to lead the event. Another initiative 'Young Sparks' is a student mentoring program that provides talented students in the field of creative writing and illustration, an opportunity for mentoring by professionals. We have partnered with Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai to create experiential storylines based on the wide history curated at the museum.

My work as a mentor with Technoserve and Cherie Blair Foundation, supporting other women entrepreneurs is my contribution towards strengthening the much needed ecosystem. I am a certified NLP practitioner and MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Car rallying is one of my passions. I live with my two children and husband in Mumbai.



Pragnya Wakhlu | Mousai

Pragnya Wakhlu is a professional musician and the founder of Mousai India. An IT Engineer and a graduate of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore (Management in Entrepreneurship); her passion for working with music and people led her to quit her corporate job in the U.S and return to India to work towards making a difference.

After extensive experiments and research on the transformative powers of music and movement, she founded her own company Mousai in 2009 .Mousai facilitates workshops that aims at enabling people to discover techniques using their own voices and to breathe and dance to feel more positive, liberated, joyful and in harmony with the world.

One of the few independent woman musicians and guitarists in the Indian independent music circuit, Pragnya is a strong believer in using the power of music for positive change. She released her debut album "Journey To the Sun" in 2012. Her current projects include releasing a Kashmiri-English album to help displaced Kashmiris reconnect to the rich culture and language of their homeland through music. She is also working on creating awareness about the Tibetan struggle for freedom and has recently released a song for breast cancer awareness.


Sweta Sen | Tara Homes for Children

Coming from a small town of India, I learnt humanity from the oldest tribes of India. I have seen poverty, politics, power, rebellion and so on since I was a child. As a child I have always been curious about why being a girl brings so many chains in this society. I pursued my study in English literature in college.

But a personal tragedy shook my world. I came out of the little bubble and I stood in a world where cruelty was diminishing hope. I was lost and helpless. Finally I chose to empower myself by studying social work and joined Tara to serve the children. Now I start my days with hugs and kisses from the children who once were abandoned of love and care, broken by several kinds of abuses.

My service goes beyond children when through rescuing the children, we reach out to the community. We empower the mothers to stand on their feet and fight domestic violence.


Ambika Hanchate | Green India International Foundation

Dr Ambika Hanchate was born in the Haveri district of Karnataka, India.A 28-year-old girl, Ambika is leading many forums in her nation as social activist for causes such as animal and environment care and drug abuse. She has completed 57 courses in various academic subjects and has won more than 85 prestigious awards. For her contribution and dedication to education, the Genius Foundation CEO will present her with the Genius Award in Mumbai. On World Women's Day, she will receive the Iron Women Award in Uttar Prades, India.

Alongside these, she is participating in many national seminars, conferences, and has conducted her own contest in her region for growth to rural places. Her main intention is to promote women's empowerment in her nation, due to her upbringing. She is also a young literate, writing many poems, short topical essays and chutuku that are published in books. e wrote many poems ,short essays

Her main determination is to serve her nation by working in the Civil service.


Bhavi Mody | Edupsyche & Mentagram

After completing my DHMS in 1994, I got married. Like every other doctor, my husband and I settled down in our clinical practice. We had our aspirations, always wanting to grow out and do something better. We had that opportunity in 1999. Despite my twins being just a year old, I ran Shreeji Exports and E-Com, my first experience as an entrepreneur. However, this did not last long and by 2002, as with most IT companies in the US, were going through recession. This marked an end.

Having gained experience and confidence started an IT company, Locally Shreeji Software Solutions from 2003 to 2005, getting in business, orders and maintaining customers did not pose a great challenge. I found a way out of all these challenges by opting for higher education. I completed my degree with a Gold Medal in 2003 and in 2006, I moved ahead with a never give-up attitude.

With my husband having trained in US for Psychiatry and managing children with special needs, we set out on a mission of Sculpting Minds Shaping Future'. Thus Vrudhi Research Foundation was born. We worked and grew enough to be working with over 55,000 children annually across city of Mumbai, with the following four domain expertise; Academic, Behaviour, Career and Developmental. Our center provided various services under one roof.

My role is to provide homeopathy and with my keen interest in Dietetics and Nutrition, I am researching the role of food as medicine for children with ADD/HD.

Having worked for over a decade for mental health through our various initiatives at Vrudhi, we saw a growing need to ensure mental health delivery system. Edupsyche was thus born with the prime objective of Remoulding Redefining & Refining Mental Health.

We wanted to reach out to the population at large and ensure better mental health service delivery across the country. Having worked for mental health, we realized the need to have outreach and with my IT experience and IT being the only way to take things nationally, we saw this as an opportunity and felt that if we combine IT with this we would be able to reach out at a faster pace than otherwise.

With a huge gap between mental health service providers and those seeking services, Edupsyche took up the following challenges associated with Mental Health.

  • De-stigmatise and Decatastrophise mental health.
  • Imparting right Skills and training to mental health professionals.
  • Bridging the gap between Mental Health Professionals and those seeking Mental Health Services.

Mentagram our answer to all the said challenges:

Having worked with people going through mental health difficulties we realized the huge gap and difficulties faced by clients to seek help for mental health services, also while talking to mental health professionals we understood that 30% client visiting psychiatrists are chronic cases and these contribute to 20-50% dropout cases in psychiatric practice. While conceiving a solution to bridge this gap, we realized that tele -psychiatry and tele-counseling could be the road ahead, we thought of providing a solution with a vision of making mental health Accessible - Available and Affordable to all. We struggled to understand the difficulties of professionals and clients and took us nearly 9 months to deliver our baby äóìMentagramäó.

Mentagram is a mobile app to seek information, have virtual consultations, seek psychological assessments and get medicines. It provides an end to end solution to the user.

The Need:

Burden of Mental Health in India:

  • No of People with Mental Health Issues - 75 Million
  • No of adolescent Suicides - 148 per 100000
  • Corporate employee and MH- 4 in 10 having a MH problem.
  • Geriatric Mental Health- 12.5% have depression.
  • No of Mental Health Professionals - 4000 psychiatrists and 10,000 psychologists
  • Doctor -patient ratio - 1:343000

For Psychiatrists:

  • Mentagram works to decrease their dropout rates and help them reach out to clients seeking therapy.
  • It helps them to maintain an Electronic Medical Health Record.

For Psychologists/ Counselors:

  • Works as a back office and front office.
  • Gives them a virtual platform to have flexi work hours.

For Users:

  • They can get scientific information on the portal.
  • Booking online appointments, Video Consultation, Audio Call, Texting with their Professional.
  • Storing Mental Health Records Online for the entire family.
  • Seeking online Psychological assessments.
  • Seeking Prescription and Medicines online.

It will greatly reduce the high drop rate among chronic cases of psychiatrist predominantly since they find it difficult either to seek consultation for themselves or family at their convenient time, also create a non-threatening medium for those who shy from seeking MENTAL health services.

Mentagram is available on google playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mentagram&hl=en

Website: www.mentagram.in


Namrata Paralkar | Nomi Films

I was born on October 20th 1963 into an artistic family, living in Mumbai. My parents taught me to be a kind, caring and independent human being. I was always made to explore and recognise my potential. Unlike most Indian families, my parents never forced me into marriage and to pursue higher studies. I never let my schooling interfere with my education. I won many awards from young age at art competitions and I have always cared for animals, old people begging outside the temples and helping younger women and children with their education, tuitions and fees. I was perhaps one of the earliest artists to start working on a computer back in the 80s in Mumbai. After a two year certification in Programming, I worked as a Programmer for financial institutions, but soon my talent was discovered by a local film production house. I learnt on my own how to do computer graphics and did few TVCs for them. Soon I was called to Singapore, however, the company was already in debt and I was fortunate to meet two European artists with whom I started a private limited company in 1994. I continued doing advertising work as a storyboard artist, content, concept development with my partners, Graphics in 3D, Art Direction for TV & Films, Line Producer for many clients from Europe & Asia Pacific Region. Finally I decided to return to Mumbai to spend time with my parents. Soon after that my father, my hero, passed away. I have since lived in the neighbourhood to care for my mother. I have also made many documentaries for News Channel in Singapore & Mumbai and a children's book Illustrations that I enjoyed very much. I made friends with poor kids from the slum areas and the village near where I live. I teach the kids about environmental issues, toilets and hygiene, caring for animals, growing trees and make them into better human beings who will care for others in the future. My goal is to start adopting villages, educating children in all of the above things, helping them to a develop their talents and move on to the next village. I believe strongly in being useful to the society, that I have a purpose and that is to make a change. I have enjoyed the most luxurious lifestyle when I lived abroad and now I want to experience the simple life where I can give back to the needy and to the younger generations a gift that will help them to be confident and to be good human beings. Let there be love and peace around the world. If I can spread the message through my artworks and short films, I would be the happiest person, as it will serve both purposes. I will be able to showcase my art while my art pays for my purpose and the social cause I believe in. Thank you for this opportunity and may the best person win.


Rupal Ganesh Kulkarni | Rajasthan Shram Sarathi Association

Rupal Kulkarni is the CEO of Shram Sarathi, a pioneering financial services institution for seasonal migrant communities in India. She spearheads strategy, growth and innovations in financial inclusion for a highly excluded and vulnerable group of workers. Her extensive rural immersions in India and Ghana has made her one of the youngest CEOs of a leading social business. Top of her class in Mumbai University, she was also an HSBC scholar at the London School of Economics, where she completed her Masters in Development Studies. A member of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Progamme, she is part of a notable consortium of global social entrepreneurs. She was awarded the ICICI fellowship 2012, India and the Opportunity Collaboration fellowship 2009, Mexico for young social entrepreneurs. She is married and lives in Mumbai. Rupal is very passionate about her coffee and in her free time, she enjoys painting and portrait photography.


Shruti Kapoor | Sayfty

Dr. Shruti Kapoor is the founder of Sayfty, an organization that educates, equips and empowers women and girls against all forms of violence. The White House recently nominated her as a change-maker for the Women Of State Summit. Dr. Kapoor has received several awards including the International Women of the Year in 2015, People's choice Femvertising Award, and the Rex Karamveer Global Fellowship for her work on women's safety in India.

Most recently, Shruti served on the UN IANYDs Task Force and Social Media Committees to inaugurate the United Nation's Youth Forum for the Commission on the Status of Women. Working under umbrella of UN Women, the Youth Forum acted as the first-ever platform for youth and gender-equality advocacy.

Shruti is a distinguished alumna of University of California, Riverside, having graduated with a PhD in Economics. Prior to starting her PhD program, Shruti was consulting at The World Bank and worked on several human development projects related to health, poverty and rural electrification.

Dr. Kapoor is a gender-equality advocate and is extremely passionate about women and girl's safety. Dr. Kapoor believes in using all forms of media, social and traditional to raise awareness against violence and make our cities safer.



Kirthi Jayakumar | The Red Elephant Foundation

Kirthi Jayakumar is an activist, artist and writer from Chennai, India. She founded and runs the Red Elephant Foundation, a civilian peace building initiative that works for gender equality through storytelling, advocacy and digital interventions. She is a member of the Youth Working Group for Gender Equality under the UNIANYD. Kirthi is the recipient of the US Presidential Services Medal (2012) for her services as a volunteer to Delta Women NGO, and the two-time recipient of the UN Online Volunteer of the Year Award (2012, 2013). Her second book, The Dove's Lament, made it to the final shortlist for the Muse India Young Writers' Literary Award. Kirthi was recently invited to the United State of Women Summit at the White House in Washington DC, as a nominated change maker. She is also a Zen Doodler, and her works have been commissioned by corporate establishments, non-profits and art collectors world over.