Anne-Lyse Hardesty | Worldwide101

Business support specialist or more commonly known as Virtual Assistant (VA) with Worldwide101.

Anne-lyse grew up in the south west of France and studied International Business. After working in Brazil and Australia, she decided to put her luggage down in Dallas, Texas. She worked as an executive assistant for a Beer equipment importer and then for one of the largest US Beverage distributors in the Marketing and Sales department. She gained 8+ years experience in the Drinks industry.

While moving to yet a different country (the UK) and pregnant with her second daughter, she decided that family was her priority but at the same time didn’t want to give up a career. Becoming a remote executive assistant became an opportunity and started her journey in 2015 in joining the premium virtual assistant team, Worldwide101. She is now supporting remotely 5 entrepreneurs based in US and Europe in building and growing their business. The flexibility and freedom of this position is priceless. In addition, she is a learner and curious, so being part of the Worldwide101 team has been so wonderful. While working with her clients, she has been discovering completely different worlds and the tasks can be  diversified, from doing customer service for an American dog potty company to managing a freelance team for a French infopreneur!

Anne-lyse is as well part of and contributing to the group « We are virtual assistants » aimed at spreading the word to join the virtual assistant world to other moms !

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