Amanda Mooney | First Trust Bank

Amanda Mooney
I joined First Trust Bank in 1996 (aged 20). I started my career as I cashier in Belfast and from this point knew that I loved the Customer facing role . I covered various roles within my branch and it was during this time that I undertook the first of my banking exams. I was really keen to take on any new challenges and was always asking my more experienced colleagues for additional tasks which would teach me new things and expand my knowledge. I applied for my first promotion in 2004 and was unsuccessful at interview, undeterred and armed with my feedback, I applied again 6 months later and was then promoted to Officer rank in a branch in Lisburn City where I managed my first team of 5 people. After a year in this role I put myself forward for a new challenge as a Business relationship manager in the town of Bangor with a portfolio of business clients. After 2 years I applied for the role of Retail Leader in my location and was successful , this time managing a  team of 12. After two maternity leaves I  moved into a brand new role in 2012  as a Sales Co-Ordinator working for the Regional Director and with responsibility for co-ordinating sales training and focus across 16 branches in N.Ireland. I stayed in this role until 2015 when I applied for my current role as Retail Leader in First Trust Bank’s new flagship branch in Belfast City Centre. I manage a team of  6 staff in a very fast moving busy location, all of us Customer facing and focused on a high standard of customer engagement.

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