Amanda Kemp

My career in Asset Management spans over 15 years.

I come from a very working-class background. My father is a Lorry Driver and my mother was a cleaner. I went to a local state school and didn’t really have any careers advice. A chance conversation led me to apply my first role with Mellon.

During my early career, I spent a lot of time hiding my background. It wasn’t until I took a career break in 2013 that I realised when everything was stacked against me I did achieve so much and that I was a role model for my young children. It is my hard work and can-do attitude that is leading me on the path to success. It was my early years that made me who I am, and is something I need to celebrate. To use my platform to educate others. In 2017 I took the decision to reignite my career. Even though returners are now promoted, I found it quite difficult to get past the “no recent experience”. So, I changed tact. Rather than focus on my past, I focussed on my future. I asked myself what is it I bring that is so different. The answer is my “to stubborn to fail” attitude, my values and experiences.

I started at Aon in their investment management business late 2017 – I am a valuable member of the team. My attention to detail and problem-solving attitude means that I can tackle complex tasks and find solution to issues. Always thinking outside the box and have delivered some outstanding solutions both for the business and clients.

I’m always willing to get involved, support others and bring my best ideas to the table. To drive the business forward despite the many headwinds and changing requirements.

I will continue to help those from a disadvantaged background, and career returners find their true potential.