Vijeta Agarwal | Barclays

Vijeta Agarwal

Vijeta Agarwal is an Associate Vice President with Barclays and has been working for 13 years. She specialises in training and change management.

Vijeta has completeed her commerce graduation from Lucknow University and has completed various certifications including PRINCE 2 from KPMG, Training Evaluation from MDI Gurgaon, 7 habits of highly effective people from Steven Covey and many more.

In her career of 13 years, she has had inspirational growth where she started as at level one and is now a part of leadership.

Vijeta comes from a business class family and is highly supportive of women in leadership and supporting the underpreviledged as much as she can. She has two sisters and has a niece and nephew who are very dear to her.

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