IBO Regional Colleague Engagement Lead / Business Manager – Risk and Control | Barclays

Having started her career as a PA, Tarryn is now the Colleague Engagement Lead for Investment Banking Operations UK. Tarryn’s primary focus is ensuring that her colleagues feel engaged, enabled and empowered to deliver high performance, encouraging retention and fostering a positive working environment for the business. Tarryn leads the business strategy for Colleague Engagement in the UK, working with senior stakeholders to prioritize and implement execution by organizing engagement and recognition events.

Tarryn also supports the Business Management team for Risk and Control, having ownership of Headcount and financials data, ensuring variances are monitored and accounted for.

Tarryn has a passion for giving back to the community and works with different organizations to provide employability, financial and life skills to underprivileged individuals, both in and outside of prison.

Originally from Australia, Tarryn has lived in the UK for seven years and enjoys travelling around the world experiencing new cultures!