Jordan Pearson

Jordan Pearson | NatWest

Jordan Pearson

Jordan is a multi-award-winning Experience Manager for Conversational AI at NatWest Group, where she predominantly works on Cora, the group’s customer facing AI chatbot.

She is a self-taught data analyst and has driven several data initiatives in her career to date, saving significant amounts of time and money along the way. Jordan regularly designs and develops new customer journeys utilising her data and AI skills in order to improve the user experience.

One initiative Jordan drove was contextual Cora, where she personalised the customer experience on different webpages. She used her strong data and AI skills to analyse large data sets, develop recommendations and implement them. From this initiative, the volume of Cora conversations and the number of customers getting their queries answered increased significantly, improving customer experience. Jordan also developed the first Cora data visualisation dashboard designed to track progress and spot emerging trends, and she regularly runs training sessions to colleagues around data.

Jordan is extremely dedicated to her personal development and has taught herself how to use Tableau, code HTML, SQL and Python whilst gaining 12 digital certifications to solidify her understanding of various technologies such as blockchain and AI. She is also dedicated to improving the lives of others and regularly volunteers at schools and universities teaching students how to code and how to build AI chatbots. Her reach to date is in the thousands and over the coming years Jordan’s aim is to encourage more and more people to consider careers in data and AI.

Jordan also has previous experience of working as a data analyst at the Wimbledon Championships, designing and delivering a presentation around Root Cause Analysis to the UK head of risk for a leading bank, designing and developing a brand-new management system, and managing a $34million a quarter pipeline as the finance and operations manager for a large business partner. All these experiences and more have helped shape Jordan as the leader and role model she is today. Jordan looks forward to developing her skills further in the coming years and continuing her volunteering work internally at NatWest and in the wider community.