Shobhna Juneja | Yoga Teacher

Shobhna Juneja

My name, Shobhna, means beauty and Godliness and I feel my profession as a yoga teacher is allowing me to be beautiful, spread love and beauty, as well as feature Godliness, in the form of happiness. It’s been five years since I began working in the field of health and   happiness through yoga and before that I worked for a short while as a PR and CSR executive in one of the leading corporates. Soon, I realised that only by becoming a yoga student and a yoga teacher, could I justify my life to me and the society around. Nothing could be more important than health and nothing could be more beautiful than connecting with nature…and yoga answered my life’s questions. The way I could conquer the problem of PCOS through yoga, ayurveda and modern healing therapies, I wished to spread the same among girls like me. I further wish to make my happiness so deep and infectious that I can rightfully become a healer for myself and the universe around me.

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