Rising Star India Shortlist 2016


We are extremely proud to announce our shortlist for WeAreTheCity’s Top 50 Rising Star Awards in India for 2016.

On behalf of WeAreTheCity and Barclays, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who nominated their Rising Stars for this year’s awards.

We would like to personally thank our shortlist judges: Ashu Tkahur; Kuku Singh; Rita Gangwani; Amit Desai; Kavita Ashok; and Anuranijita Kumar who all gave up their valuable time to assemble our shortlist and to help WeAreTheCity to recognise the fantastic achievements of all of our amazing nominees.

Below you will also find our ten shortlisted Champions, celebrating the efforts of senior individuals who champion gender equality both within and outside of their organisations. We would also like to thank our Champion judges; Apurva Purohit, Sarika Bhattacharya and Archana Shiroor who all gave up their valuable time to assemble our Champion shortlist.

Congratulations to all of our shortlisted nominees

Please find the full list in alphabetical order below


We are extremely proud to announce our shortlist for WeAreTheCity’s Top 50 Rising Star Awards in India for 2016.

On behalf of WeAreTheCity and Barclays, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who nominated their Rising Stars for this year’s awards.

We would like to personally thank our shortlist judges: Ashu Tkahur; Kuku Singh; Rita Gangwani; Amit Desai; Kavita Ashok; and Anuranijita Kumar who all gave up their valuable time to assemble our shortlist and to help WeAreTheCity to recognise the fantastic achievements of all of our amazing nominees.

Below you will also find our ten shortlisted Champions, celebrating the efforts of senior individuals who champion gender equality both within and outside of their organisations. We would also like to thank our Champion judges; Apurva Purohit, Sarika Bhattacharya and Archana Shiroor who all gave up their valuable time to assemble our Champion shortlist.

Congratulations to all of our shortlisted nominees

Please find the full list in alphabetical order below



Aanuu V Thaakur | Dynamic Designs

Exemplifying the growing confidence and spirit among the current crop of female entrepreneurs is interior designer, Aanuu V Thaakur. With over 18 years of experience in the intensely creative arena of designing and decorating, Aanuu has firmly carved a niche for herself, enjoying the confidence of both corporate clients as well as small businesses and...
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Akansha Kataria | BlackRock

Akansha Kataria is Head of Gurgaon Portfolio Compliance Group. In this capacity, she is responsible for implementing controls and processes necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable firm-wide thresholds and client requirements relating to trading and investments. Akansha’s service with the firm dates back to 2005, including her years with Helix Financial which was merged...
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Alicia Souza | Freelance Illustrator

I was born and raised in Abu Dhabi in a loving family of five. After school, I moved to Melbourne where I completed my graduation in Communication Design and worked in cafes and a bank to pay my rent. I realised then I wanted to be an illustrator. However if I couldn’t do that, I...
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Amarjeet Kaur

Amarjeet Kaur | Ernst & Young

Its been three years since I started working at EY. I am really enjoying working in challenging environment because its not easy and I’ve had the chance to learn a lot from it. It is not easy every time to put smile on your face but I am trying to on daily basis. I would...
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Ambika Hanchate | Green India International Foundation

Dr Ambika Hanchate was born in the Haveri district of Karnataka, India.A 28-year-old girl, Ambika is leading many forums in her nation as social activist for causes such as animal and environment care and drug abuse. She has completed 57 courses in various academic subjects and has won more than 85 prestigious awards. For her...
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Ankita Kaur

Ankita Kaur | Barclays

Ankita Kaur is working as a Team Support Specialist for Barclays. She started working in 2009 at the age of 19. She has successfully completed five years with Barclays. She is her parent’s only daughter and a Delhi State badminton player. She was promoted as a TSS last year, after lot of hard work, dedication...
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Anullekha Naveen

Anullekha Naveen | Practicing Dentist

A practicing dentist managing her own successful events management company, Dr. Anullekha Naveen is not your average 30-something Indian woman. When she is not running around in her scrubs attending to patients or managing parties and weddings, doing book reviews or even running around behind her two sons, she actually runs too! Yes, an avid...
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Anurima Roy | Entrepreneur

I have held top positions across the publishing industry in India, with the biggest players in both editorial and marketing. Having worked with the world’s biggest writers, I realized it’s time to do something for India, small publishers and Indian writers who have been struggling to make a mark in an ecosystem which is dominated...
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Archana Joshi | Barclays

Positive thinking is my core competency and my USP is pleasant talk. Determination, dedication, positive attitude and patience are the key principles I practice in everything I do. I have completed an MBA and I presently work for Barclays as an Assistant Vice President. I am very passionate about my work; during my stint at...
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Bhakti Mittal | Euphoria Edu World

I am the founder of Euphoria Edu World. I am the luckiest and proudest female entrepreneur, or rather a ‘Mompreneur’. I have the support of my very strong and sweet family, comprising of two smart children and a very supportive husband. I belong to Delhi, but started and established my business from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a...
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Bhavi Mody | Edupsyche & Mentagram

After completing my DHMS in 1994, I got married. Like every other doctor, my husband and I settled down in our clinical practice. We had our aspirations, always wanting to grow out and do something better. We had that opportunity in 1999. Despite my twins being just a year old, I ran Shreeji Exports and...
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Deepali Bhardwaj | The Skin & Hair Clinic PVT Ltd

I am a dermatologist and internationally trained laser surgeon. I was awarded a fellowship in dermatosurgery and lasers by the International Society of Dermatology at Tehran, Iran; a European Mentorship Award at the Centre of Excellence for Allergies Munich, Germany; and awarded Lasers & Cutaneous Medicine Fellowship at Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok. I have given lectures...
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Deepika Agarwal | PRS Legislative Research

It was the desire to chase my dream of creating meaningful social change, which led me to out of my safe sanctuary, Gangtok, at the foothills of the Himalays and venture into the heart of India. I completed my schooling from a residential school, Mayo College,and then pursed my degree in commerce from one of...
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Devhuti Minocha | Dhrohar

Devhuti completed her Master’s in Business Management and then went on to work in different capacities with various multinational organizations in India. With an experience ranging beyond 12 years in the Software/IT industry, she made her first entrepreneurial bootstrapped venture, www.Dhrohar.com, a successful e-commerce business. It is only fair to consider her the best in...
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Dhrutika Savla | Bloomberg

I was born in Mumbai. My schooling was completed partly in India before I moved to Ethiopia for a short while with my parents. I graduated to become a Computer Engineer and worked as a Software Developer for two years. After that I pursued my Master’s Degree. I work for Bloomberg as an IT Executive...
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Dilshad Billimoria | Dilzer Consultants

Dilshad is an independent Certified Financial Planner, certified by Financial Planning Standards Boards of India; and Director of Dilzer Consultants Private Limited: Investments and Financial Planning Division. Dilzer Consultants is a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor. The organisation provides Professional Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services for a fee. Dilshad Billimoria has over 14 years of...
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Divya H

Divya H | Barclays

Divya is an Analyst in Barclays Technology Centre India. She completed her B.Tech at IIT Kharagpur. She is an enthusiastic and quick learner. Despite being a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, she quickly learnt niche programming technologies, such as Java and Big-Data, on the job and delivered tasks with accuracy. Although being the youngest member of her...
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Divyaa Doraiswamy

Divyaa Doraiswamy | Gurukulam – The Shloka School

I have a Master’s in Economics and am a Shlokapreneur. I am a theist in every right and am an extremely confident young lady in my 30s, living in one of the most beautiful cities of India – Bangalore. I love the temples I visit and absolutely long for the annadanams I partake in every...
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Doorva Solanki | Barclays

I am working as a developer in Barclays Technology Center India for a year. I have worked in different domains, which has exposed me to different working cultures. I am a firm believer of diversity as it improves the customs of the team, provides a broader scope and gives a sense of empowerment to everyone....
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Doreena Mascarenhas | Barclays

I am a mother, banker and entrepreneur with 16 years of global experience. Back in 2003, I challenged myself to test my abilities, and with very limited resources relocated to US. Without any support system, I started my career with Chase Bank as a Customer Service Rep. With a blend of determination, hard work and...
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Elizabeth Joy Joseph | Ernst & Young

I was born and raised in Kuwait and completed my Engineering degree from Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala, India. My specialization was Information Technology. I further completed my Master of Science in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool in 2011. I am a voracious reader and passionate about giving my best in everything I...
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Farah Siddiqui Matin

Farah Siddiqui Matin holds a Ph.D from the University of Allahabad and is a poetess of her own choice. She was born and raised in Allahabad and is currently residing in Ireland with her scientist hubby Shafique Matin. She started composing poems in January 2014 and published her first book ‘The Bliss of Solitude’ in...
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Garima Aggarwal

Garima Aggarwal | Barclays

Life for girls born in middle class in rural Haryana in the 80s was tough, but I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to work hard and dream big. And dream big I did! My father’s transferable job took us to towns with little quality-education, but I learnt to make the most of...
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Geet Jain | The Orphanage Project & TheOfficialGeet

At the age of 10, Geet was in a horrible car accident which left her paralysed. Unable to use her legs, she had to re-learn to live life. But, Geet chose to never give up. Just months after the accident, she returned to school, ran for Student Body President and won, participated in the school...
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Harsha Saxena Mukherjee | Harshamukherjee.com

Harsha Mukherjee, an entrepreneur, studied engineering and management in India and the US. After starting her venture “Pearls and Pashminas” in the US and working in the Middle East she started her first Social Venture Ekjaa in India. Harsha was awarded National Social Entrepreneur Fellow (NSEF – 2011) and selected as one of the Top...
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Harshaa Seth

Harshaa Seth | Harshaa’s Modern Art Classes

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Science and have a Doctorate in Naturopathy. Initially I was working in Pharmaceutical MNC ,but as art and education is my passion I left my job to pursue my it and started my own Institute Harshaa’s Modern Art Classes, where I started to give training of art and...
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Kalpana Chowdhary | Jan Seva Foundation

Jan Seva Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization founded in December 2011. Our NGO’s scope of work is primarily focused at providing, supporting and developing the neglected, downtrodden and underprivileged ‘human segments’ of the society in areas such as education, healthcare, livelihood and human rights. The NGO’s Governing Body comprises of an accomplished panel of...
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Kashish Chibaar Sharma

Kashish Chibaar Sharma | Blue Lotus

I am a Fashion & Textiles Designer, a stylist, Image Consultant, an Intrapreneur, a Bohemian at heart, a Tarot Conversationalist, an Eye Reader, a Shaman, a Past Life Regression Therapist, a Reiki Channel, a Light worker, Energy Worker, a blogger, painter and writer. I have also been involved in events in varied capacities I writer...
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Kavita Bhangdia | Barclays

I was born and raised in a small town called Bhilai. My father was a Central Government Employee and mother a Housewife. I completed my Master’s degree with a specialization in Finance from the State University of New York, Binghamton. After staying in the US for several years, I returned to India to be close...
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Kavita Bhanwadia

Kavita Bhanwadia | Barclays

I am a strong-willed, technology professional who has always believed and possessed the courage to make things happen; to take things from inception to completion; and to help people have a better life with these technological advancements. I truly believe technology is making the world a better place and not just replacing people. Personally, I...
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Khyati Rupani

Khyati Rupani | Balance Nutrition

I am the ex-chief dietitian at Lilavati Hospital and the founder of ‘Balance Nutrition’ – an online weight loss management clinic. I am also the author of “Getting Rid of Obesity’ and a panelis member of ECA (Early Childhood Association)
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Kirthi Jayakumar | The Red Elephant Foundation

Kirthi Jayakumar is an activist, artist and writer from Chennai, India. She founded and runs the Red Elephant Foundation, a civilian peace building initiative that works for gender equality through storytelling, advocacy and digital interventions. She is a member of the Youth Working Group for Gender Equality under the UNIANYD. Kirthi is the recipient of...
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Malini Gowrishankar | F5 Escapes

I have had two career switches and three professions – a techie, a dubbing artist and an entrepreneur. I am currently working on my dream to redefine women’s travel in India through ‘F5 Escapes’. My love for building communities has led me to volunteer with Headstart Network for three years – conceptualised and headed the...
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Malini Lalit Bansal | Aasmaa Foundation

I was born on 15th August 1976 in Delhi, to a family where social and moral values were always the priority. I completed my schooling at Manav Sthali School and was an above average student. I got married in 1998 into a family which was again one of the notable family known for charity works....
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Manoshi Sinha

Manoshi Sinha | Business Sphere Magazine

I am a novelist, poet, freelance writer and editor, SMO consultant, blogger, and a certified astrologer. Born and raised in Rupai Siding (Dist. Tinsukia), Assam, I completed my schooling (Don Bosco School, Rupai Siding) and graduation (Women’s College, Tinsukia) from my birthplace and postgraduation in English from the University of Pune. Thereafter I taught in...
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Megha Bajaj | Miraaya Holistic Growth Centre

I have grown up in the ever changing, ever alive city of Mumbai. I come from a land that is steeped in sages and spirituality, in yoga and meditation, in diversity and divinity. All of these have been an integral part of my growing up years as the youngest member of a 25-member joint family....
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Mugdha Dixit

Mugdha Dixit | Barclays

Reflecting back to my years, I vividly recall not only the excitement of the introduction to my first programming language, but also the sheer exhilaration of merely interacting with computer for the first time in my life. These feelings definitely manifested deep interest of computers within me and steered me towards pursuing a graduate degree...
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Namrata Paralkar | Nomi Films

I was born on October 20th 1963 into an artistic family, living in Mumbai. My parents taught me to be a kind, caring and independent human being. I was always made to explore and recognise my potential. Unlike most Indian families, my parents never forced me into marriage and to pursue higher studies. I never...
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Nandini Ashokumar | P.S.B.B.S.S. School

Nandini Ashokumar has been a primary teacher since 2006 in P.S.B.B.S.S School Chennai, where she completed her schooling. As a teacher, she believes in continually updating and equipping herself to meet the demands and challenges of the modern era. A trainer of process drama workshops, she conducts workshops for teachers on various critical problem solving...
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Neha Arora | Planet Abled

Neha Arora, is the founder of Planet Abled, an organization which provides accessible and inclusive travel solutions for people with different disabilities. With a totally un-utilized degree up her sleeve, Neha worked with companies like HCL, Nokia and Adobe before taking the plunge to start Planet Abled. Born to parents with disabilities and the personal...
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Neha Tyagi | Barclays

I completed my MBA degree in 2007 and have been working in the Investment Banking back and middle office since then. I have over nine years experience in the sector including four years in Project and Change Management. I am currently employed with Barclays and also work as a citizenship (CSR) champion/ambassador. I love working...
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Nidhi Gupta | Miraaya Holistic Growth Centre

I am an award winning physiotherapist and a revolutionary edu-preneur, running a chain of holistic growth centres called Miraaya, which has gained national and international recognition in a short space of time. I have consistently been a rank holder in my school and college days and yet when I began my career – be it...
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Nidhi Joshi | BlackRock

I have over nine years of experience in the financial services sector and am currently leading the Institutional Client Businesses Team and BlackRock Solutions team within Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) in India, at BlackRock, the world’s leading Asset Management Firm. Having worked in finance Industry for so many years I have had the opportunity...
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Nikita Holkar

Nikita Holkar | Ernst & Young

Hailing from an Army background, I have studied across different geographies, cultures and ethnicities which has helped me to develop an appreciation for diversity. With my love for organizational psychology coupled with my goal to drive people effectiveness agenda at organizations, I am a Human Resource Consultant working with EY. I am young, ambitious and...
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Nischala Murthy Kaushik

Nischala is a new-age marketer, and is responsible for global marketing and thought leadership initiatives in a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company. Her work revolves around business strategy, Go-To-Market initiatives, global branding, creative “no money marketing” campaigns, end-to-end content programs, partner collaborations and events. She thrives in work environments which compel her to...
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Oindrila De | Barclays

Oindrila is a dreamer in her 20s who juggles multiple lives. When she’s not poring over spreadsheets at her workplace (Barclays Investment Bank), she escapes into the wilderness to get her creative juices flowing. She’s one of India’s favourite travel bloggers (https://oindrilade.wordpress.com) with a fan-following of over 10k on Instagram. She often writes for travel...
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Paromita Bardoloi | Independent Writer & Theatre Activist

I am an independent writer and a theatre activist. My writings over the years have been published in many national websites and magazines, including the Huffington Post, National Geographic, Women’s Web, YourStory, Bonobology, Femina, The Quint and so on. My writings have mostly dealt with women empowerment. I strongly believe it’s not only laws or...
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Piya Bose | Girls On The Go Club

Piya Bose started Girls On The Go, a travel club for women after quitting her job as a lawyer in 2008. She started off on a zero cash business model and today sends women on expeditions to Antarctica, Northern Light viewing in Arctic, camping in Mongolia, trekking to volcanoes, meteorite craters, Everest Base Camp, and...
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Pompy Das | Barclays

I am an experienced professional with 12 years of work experience, having worked across a variety of roles within Banking Operations for HSBC and Barclays. I have moved around laterally between departments quite a bit, out of my own interest and that has helped me become a “Generalist” in the Operations space. Most importantly it...
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Pooja Goyal | Intellitots Learning

Pooja Goyal is a well-known educator working to transform early childhood and K-12 education in India. She is the founder of Intellitots Learning, which is known for its groundbreaking work in the field of early childhood education and care. Intellitots is partnering with Dr. Mariale Hardiman, of Johns Hopkins School of Education, to drive innovation...
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Pooja Somaiya

Pooja Somaiya | DialogueMakers

Pooja Somaiya is a dentist by education but a serial entrepreneur by passion and determination. Along with a rich education in entrepreneurial studies (IIM-B), Human Capital Management (Singapore), I bring along more than eight years experience, including a stint of a failed healthcare recruit portal (HcareHR), work as a core management team member in two...
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Poonam Todarwal | SR Batliboi & Associates

I’m a 29-year-old chartered accountant by profession. I started my career as an intern with EY in April 2007 and over a period of nine years (including three years of internship) with great dedication, discipline and smart work with an unmatchable interest in doing things in a new way, I have managed to make my...
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Pragnya Wakhlu | Mousai

Pragnya Wakhlu is a professional musician and the founder of Mousai India. An IT Engineer and a graduate of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore (Management in Entrepreneurship); her passion for working with music and people led her to quit her corporate job in the U.S and return to India to work towards making a...
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Prashanthi Reddy | Barclays

I come with a very balanced experience in business functionality, technical, cross functional domain expertise, innovation and working with startup eco-systems. Apart from my corporate experience, I love working with start-ups – there is so much energy, new ideas, and learning. I also enjoy travelling, building networks and engaging with people, especially in the start-up...
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Pratyusha Meda | Barclays

I am passionate about Table Tennis since childhood. I come from a town which did not have adequate facilities that could help me live my dream of being a National Level Table Tennis Player. I travelled 20kms on a daily basis to reach the only academy in the town and my parents have sacrificed their...
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Priya Adivarekar | Diary of a Dancebee

Priya Adivarekar is the Creative Director of Diary of a Dancebee – an award winning Indian entertainment and lifestyle website. The 22-year-old is also a Voice Actress, who has lent her voice to animated films and renowned international artists in both live action films and television shows. Some of her prestigious projects include Ice Age...
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Priyanka Singh Gurung

Priyanka Singh Gurung

Apart from the life’s up’s and down’s, I have a strong personality and an abiding connection to the Royal House of Gurung’s in Himachal Pradesh Solan Subathu. During my early teens, my father Mr Aditya Gurung advised me to, ‘Keep walking strong with all the dignity and courage even when the going gets tough’. I...
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PUBLIC VOTE WINNER | Bhawna Malhotra | Barclays

I work in the Model Development Team in Barclays, with an involvement in ten geographical locations and eight products for Africa. My work includes developing Business and Impairment Models. I have spent three years in the current role with one promotion. Furthermore, I act as Secretary to Africa Risk Technical Committee which approves models. In...
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Puja Mapxencar | Kandida

Puja’s passion and love for innovation has been instrumental in ensuring that Kandida becomes a name to reckon with across the country. This 23-year-old is driven, always on the go and is ready to explore new avenues. Puja, the young entrepreneur, has always had an eye for detail. She has been able to understand the...
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Radhika Batra Shah | Radhika’s Fine Teas & Whatnots

Each tea leaf has a purpose. Some are mood lifters, others help you relax, whilst some work as aphrodisiacs. You just need to know what to select for any particular day.’ – Radhika, Founder of Radhikas Fine Teas and Whatnots. Radhika is a celebrated tea sommelier who first introduced the idea of fine teas in...
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Radhika Pradeep | Barclays

I am a graduate in science with dual masters in MCA & MBA, a Bharatnatyam danseuse and a mother. I have over 18 years of experience in technology projects to deliver technology transformations. Currently I workd as Vice President in Barclays, leading a team of 55, and managing process automations for operations and commericals. I...
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Rashi Anand | Lakshyam

I hail from a small town in Jharkhand and completed my schooling in Ranchi, spending a long time studying in Delhi for my higher education. I am emotional and very easily moved and working for others is my sole motive in life. I am happily married and I live and love to the fullest. I...
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Reetu Uday Kugaji | ITM – Institute of Hotel Management

With 20 years of experience in the world of culinary, I believe that food is like oxygen to me. Food for me is God. I am privileged to be a Chef and a mentor. If I had to say what my biggest achievements were, then I would say shaping the careers and motivating thousands of...
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Richa Sethi Agarwal | The Writer’s Bug

I started my career as a sales and marketing professional in the corporate world. After a successful stint of eight years in various national level roles with Philips Electronics, I decided to follow my passion for creating impactful learning pathways for children. I co-founded ‘The Writer’s Bug, with the purpose of making creative, literary and...
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Riddhi Doshi Patel

Riddhi Doshi Patel | Rhyns Academy / The Mocktail Gazebo

Wife, mother, home maker, entrepreneur, life coach, educator, counsellor and mocktail mistress; these are some of the synonyms for me and I am equally proud of each of these mantels. I am lucky to have been born into a family that respected individuals and encouraged their children irrespective of their gender. My luck doubled when...
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ritika nevatia

Ritika Nevatia | Rakuten

I am 22-year-old with varied experiences. I finished my Computer Engineering degree from Mumbai in 2015. As part of my internships, I worked with Barclays, Pune in 2014 and CERN Switzerland in 2015. Further to this, I came second at CIMA Global Business Challenge 2015 held in Poland. Currently, I am working at Rakuten Card,...
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Ritu Soni Srivastava | Obino

I am a seasoned marketing professional with over 14 years of experience in media and telecoms, having essayed Intrapreneur roles throughout my career, with a proven track record of achievement and execution. From 2010 to 2012, I launched 13 Mass-Media National Campaigns in two years as Brand Head of Mobile Services at Airtel. In 2007,...
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Roshni Chawla

Roshni Chawla | Barclays

I was born in Pune, India on 25th Dec 1991 and I reflect a varied personality including ambition and qualities of generous and thoughtfulness. I am also a determined individual, yet pleasant and calm. I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe in, and doing it through God because nothing great comes easy and...
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Rupal Ganesh Kulkarni | Rajasthan Shram Sarathi Association

Rupal Kulkarni is the CEO of Shram Sarathi, a pioneering financial services institution for seasonal migrant communities in India. She spearheads strategy, growth and innovations in financial inclusion for a highly excluded and vulnerable group of workers. Her extensive rural immersions in India and Ghana has made her one of the youngest CEOs of a...
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Sabah Shaikh | Barclays

Sabah joined Barclays in November 2013 as a Test Analayst and her immence performance allowed her to be promoted to another job role in a year period and is currently working as a Business Analayst for a Risk Team. Her favourite part of the job is that she gets to closely deal with business and...
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Sakshi Nanavati | Royal Bank of Scotland

Sakshi Nanavati, with a Master’s in Economics from the prestigious SNDT University, is surfing the high tides of her career in The Royal Bank of Scotland Business Services. In her five year rich career in RBS, Sakshi has moved up the ladder assuming three distinct roles. Starting her career with the Managing Director’s office to...
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Saloni Sheth

Saloni Sheth | Barclays

Born and raised in Mumbai, I have spent all 23 years of my life in this city. My father is a businessman and mother, a homemaker and also the strongest influence in my life so far. Apart from inculcating strong values and religious beliefs, they have always encouraged me to follow my curiosity and try...
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Sandhya Rithe

Sandhya Rithe | Barclays

I started my career as a developer in various technologies and rose through the ranks to become Vice President. I believe that nothing can replace the hard work, dedication, integrity, passion and humility to make you successful. My ‘never give up’ attitude has always been instrumental in turning any situation into positive. I work at...
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Shabia Walia | Wild Earth

Shabia Walia has been a media professional for the past 24 years. She has performed various roles as a witer, creative director, producer and even as an author of a book called ‘Mamma Mania’. Her venture, ‘Tattva by Shabia Walia’, was founded in 2014, with the sole intention of providing natural body products, free from...
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Shaina Ahluwalia

Shaina Ahluwalia | Student

I’m in my final year of pursuing a BA Journalism (Honours) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Born and raised in Delhi and being the only child, I’ve always been working hard to achieve in any field I’ve been in, whilst gaining maturity at a young age through all hardships. From winning competitions in...
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Shilpa Gupta | Barclays

Shilpa Gupta is a go getter, the most talkative person around and finally a girl with a shiny nose! She has always been like that – from being a naughty, only child to two ex-iitians, to having an awesome childhood troubling parents and then going on to become an engineer followed by an MBA. The...
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Shilpi Sharma

Shilpi Sharma | Barclays

I was always keen to be a part of citizenship events so that I could contribute towards the society. Any citizenship event gives us a chance to interact with the under-privileged children, who are the bright future of India. They are always full of zest and eager to learn new things. They are a source...
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Shobhna Juneja

Shobhna Juneja | Yoga Teacher

My name, Shobhna, means beauty and Godliness and I feel my profession as a yoga teacher is allowing me to be beautiful, spread love and beauty, as well as feature Godliness, in the form of happiness. It’s been five years since I began working in the field of health and   happiness through yoga and...
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Shraddha Patil

Shraddha Patil | The Mentropreneurs Inc

Ms. Shraddha Patil is the Co-Founder and Chief Mentor of TheMentorpreneurs. She is also the founder and CEO of The Success Route Consultancy Services. With a Master’s in Business Administration, she has more than 12 years of experience in various business roles, including cycle functions like Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Training and Business Consultancy. Realizing...
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Shripriya Venkataraman | Aon

As a India Delivery Manager at Aon, my role demands execution with excellence on business priorities, identifying opportunities to improve delivery, influence teams to excel, resolve client escalations and ultimately help to improve governance and execution of our client delivery and relationships. In my accolades, I recently received the Annual Platinum Award for Business Results...
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Shruti Chaturvedi

Shruti Chaturvedi | Chaaipani

I am 22-year-old, graduate in psychology from St. Xavier’s College, after dropping out of engineering course. I have worked in the media and digital advertising industry during the three years of my college. A year ago I also initiated Chaaipani.
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Shruti Kapoor | Sayfty

Dr. Shruti Kapoor is the founder of Sayfty, an organization that educates, equips and empowers women and girls against all forms of violence. The White House recently nominated her as a change-maker for the Women Of State Summit. Dr. Kapoor has received several awards including the International Women of the Year in 2015, People’s choice...
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Shweta Chawla

Shweta Chawla | Barclays

Shweta Chawla is an explorer, adventure travel freak, a software developer and ethereum/blockchain enthusiast who loves to connect and coordinate. As a software developer for ten years in IT industry and having lived in multiple cities and countries, I have grown and evolved as a person. However, true satisfaction comes from giving back to society....
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Sivapriya Ramakrishnan

Sivapriya Ramakrishnan | Capgemini

I was born and raised in the conservative and fondly familiar city of Chennai. I completed my education right upto my MBA in my hometown barely exposed to anything beyond my city. However, I kickstarted my career in the mergers and acquisitions division in HCL Technologies, which eventually opened up my horizons to people from...
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Sneha Lugade | Barclays

I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering in 2009 from Goa University. I have six and a half years of software industry experience and am always enthusiastic about giving my bit to society. i have taken part in a number of citizenship activites including MAD (Make a Difference) Day’s in October 2014; and a...
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Sonal Pawar | Foundation for Mother and Child Health

Sonal Pawar is 38-years-old, born in the slum community of Dhobi Ghat Mahalaxmi. She married Santosh Pawar at the age 18 and became mother of two sons at age of 21. Her education was discontinued after 10th Std to take care of her siblings and the household chores. My interest was to work for the...
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Sonali Chandola

Sonali Chandola | Ernst & Young

My journey so far has been an interesting mix of personal, professional and spiritual experiences that have shaped me my ‘Never give up’ attitude in life. I feel that in order to be successful one needs to possess and practise some positive character traits. In this light, my strengths lie in the fact that I...
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Sonali Ranga

Sonali Ranga | Barclays

Sonali is working as an Assistant Manager at Barclays. Recruited from campus as a part of the Graduate Program that Barclays offers, she has worked across diverse fields in analytics like Marketing, Fraud and Model Monitoring over the last three years. Her inputs to the organization have been instrumental in strategic business decisions and have...
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Srishti Warman | Barclays

I hail from Chandigarh with an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Panjab University. I was selected to join the 2013 Future Leadership Development Programme (FLDP) at Barclays, where I serve as a Business Analyst. Early in life, I inherited my parents’ humanitarian values and ethics, which I’ve practiced ever since. In December 2015, I...
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Sumita Bose | Freelance Writer

Sumita Bose has a commendable teaching experience of more than two decades in different schools of Delhi. She has authored many popular science and mathematics books especially aimed towards children. She has done her graduation and B.Ed from India and a child psychology course from Vermont, USA. She has undertaken autism training from Illinois University,...
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Sumita Dass | Life of Vision Foundation

Sumita Dass, founder of the Life of Vision Foundation, is an educationist and mentor in a multicultural setting in UK and India. For the past 20 years, she has led a Professional Development Program for Leaders in planning developing welfare programs, campaigns for Sheffield Council for Children & Young People’s Inclusion. She has organized programs...
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Suniti Nanda | Barclays

A leader, executor and innovation evangelist – with an executive business management from IIM-C, I have been in the Banking industry for over 15 years. I have completed a B-Tech from NIT Rourkela, and come from a conservative family background. In the past I have taken some hard stands to pursue my career to this...
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Surya V

Surya V | Barclays

I am Surya working at Barclays Shared Services for almost three years now. I am an active participant in citizenship activities and help in selling handmade products made by Maithree Special School. I am also an active committee member of CSR, Women Initiative Network. I allocate my time to these activities and make sure that...
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Sushmita Das | Barclays

I am an IT professional working predominantly in the Banking domain from last nine years. I have done my Bachelors in Telecommunication (B.E.) and pursuing a MBA degree in Finance & Marketing. I have been active in citizenship activities and was chosen as one of the Finalists for Mrs India – Queen of Substance pageant...
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Swati Gupta | Ernst & Young

“Miles to Go before I Sleep” is a thought by Robert Frost that has been a life definer for me. A talent development professional with a decade of experience, I have been proud to have got a chance of training more than 10,000 individuals and help them achieve their true potential. Connecting with people and...
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Swati Vakharia

Swati Vakharia | 1985

Small selfless things achieved for others, unknowingly wins you a big place in their hearts. This wisdom that has dawned upon Women Planet Foundation for their altruistic services to the welfare of the society. Women Planet Foundation is an endeavour to bring smiles on women/girls in need, who are deprived of basic needs, for all...
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Sweta Sen | Tara Homes for Children

Coming from a small town of India, I learnt humanity from the oldest tribes of India. I have seen poverty, politics, power, rebellion and so on since I was a child. As a child I have always been curious about why being a girl brings so many chains in this society. I pursued my study...
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Uma Nair | Self Employed

Writing for nearly three decades on contemporary Indian art can chisel one’s thoughts and provide an arsenal that brims on the volume and power of memory. Having penned reviews and observations for major newspapers like Economic Times ,Hindustan Times and Asian Age Uma Nair believes no writing can happen without research.Nair’s obituary of Sayed Haider...
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Vijeta Agarwal

Vijeta Agarwal | Barclays

Vijeta Agarwal is an Associate Vice President with Barclays and has been working for 13 years. She specialises in training and change management. Vijeta has completeed her commerce graduation from Lucknow University and has completed various certifications including PRINCE 2 from KPMG, Training Evaluation from MDI Gurgaon, 7 habits of highly effective people from Steven...
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