Rashi Anand | Lakshyam


I hail from a small town in Jharkhand and completed my schooling in Ranchi, spending a long time studying in Delhi for my higher education. I am emotional and very easily moved and working for others is my sole motive in life. I am happily married and I live and love to the fullest. I never imagined I would be walking my mother’s steps, but here I am! Having grown up watching my mother, who is a social server and activist herself, I was always sensitive towards others’ sufferings and sorrows. I have been working at Lakshyam for four years formally, and since college life informally. I am where I am and what I am, because I see multiple problems in one single problem. I wish to make the world a habitable place for every living being and will do everything in my will to make it what I envisioned. I wish that no man or child or women ever slept hungry, or had lesser opportunities in life. And that’s exactly what I target in my endeavors.

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