Priya Yoganathan

As a healthcare scientist I have dedicated the past 8 years to the world of clinical research in both academia and the industry.

Fresh out of university I was lucky enough to gain my first employment within a London Clinical Trials Unit focusing on delivery of Phase I and early Phase II clinical trials in health volunteers and a sub population of certain disease groups. During this time, I also divulged with a pre-PhD project at The University of Greenwich exploring the cardiovascular system and physical impact effects, leading to my first research paper publication. I soon decided my area of interest was Oncology, and returned to study this in greater detail as a post graduate at UCL University. I progressed to working at the Royal Marsden Hospital within the Clinical Trials unit, exploring the effects of new medication in patients where standard treatment options had failed. I initiated the 100,000 Genomes Project as part of the West London Genomics Medicines Center, enabling an ambitious government initiative to sequence the genomes of thousands of people in the UK, to create a new genomic medicine service for the NHS and transform the way people are cared for. Working with UCL Hospital and Cancer Research UK, I have set up multiple cancer awareness programs targeting areas of high deprivation and low socio-economic status to educate populations on the signs, symptoms and effects of cancer to promote earlier diagnosis. I have recently progressed into the pharmaceutical industry working on life changing compounds and the formulation of new medication which could revolutionize the field of gynecology and women’s health. Throughout my career I have aimed to achieve the upmost level of quality in all my work, with the end goal of patient status improvement, and better quality of life for those who require it the most. I hope I can continue to make a difference within the clinical trials industry and strive to release new medications for patients with rare conditions.