Co-founder | TreatOut

My health took a major downturn with suspected ME at the age of 40. A diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome four years later allowed me to regain control.

A trained graphic designer, I learnt to code from the kitchen table whilst my two boys were small. With symptoms now managed by the low FODMAP diet, I’ve embraced her new zest for life and indulged in my passion for coding, relaunching a career as a freelance web designer ‘She Codes’. I won two accolades just 15 months later at the Kent Digital Awards in June 2015.

Inspired by the BBC’s Girls Can Code, TreatOut is a food tech startup born out of my frustration with how hard I’ve found eating out since identifying my multiple food intolerances. I was accepted with TreatOut onto the fifth cohort of Google’s Startup for Mums and Dads Programme at Campus London in October 2015.