Lorraine Eyers | Greater London Authority

Lorraine Eyers

 Public Liaison Officer | Greater London Authority

I have been a Public Liaison Officer working at the Greater London Authority since 2000. I have spent most of my working life in the Public Liaison Team but left the team for two secondment opportunities in the Mayor’s office and the Equalities team. During those years I was involved in higher stakeholder and public engagement initiatives and projects and found the roles challenging, rewarding, and motivating working with London’s diverse communities. My passion lies in community work, and in particular issues around young people and women. I have worked on establishing a network that supports women, celebrating their achievements, creating learning and sharing forum for staff and encouraging women into more senior positions in the organisation.

I love the work I do for the Women of London City Hall Network and am tremendously proud of the work myself and my fantastic steering group has achieved.


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