Larissa Romualdo Suzuki | GLA

larissa romualdo suzuki

 City Data Strategist | Greater London Authority

I am a passionate computer scientist, inventor, entrepreneur with a BSc and PhD in Computer Science, and a MPhil in Electrical Engineering. I am responsible for the City Data Strategy of the Greater London Authority, one that will help to solve London’s urban challenges, save public money, incubate innovation and drive economic growth.

I have dedicated my career to advancing many fields of research, namely smart cities, emerging tech, computational methods for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. I have created a successful start-up company at the age of 21, have worked for IBM, ARUP, Bank of Brazil, and have received numerous awards from Google, Intel, ACM, Microsoft, McKinsey & Co, IBM, ARUP, among others.

Since 2006 I have worked towards empowering young women to be change makers, and have full participation in the creation of the technology that is changing the world. I have volunteered as a member of the Diversity Leadership Group of the RAE, founded the UCLWE society, co-organised the London Hopper Colloquium, and served as a member of the Grace Hopper Conference committee and as the ABI.London’s community leader.


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