Founder | Desi High Street

Kuljit Thiaray is the founder of the recently launched Desi High Street, an online marketplace providing an easy to use platform for retailers of ethnic goods to sell to a wider customer base.

Kuljit left her professional career as a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy at university to fulfil her business ambitions, utilising the skills gained from her MBA and previous retail management experience.

After a period of market research and validation, in summer 2015 Kuljit secured a place on a competitive business accelerator and actively began working on Desi High Street. With a background in training and development, Kuljit is passionate about mentoring and supporting UK retailers of ethnic goods who are engaging with eCommerce for the first time.

Kuljit resides in Leeds and when she is not championing change in the UK’s ethnic market, she can be found spending quality time with her husband and their three children.