Sales Team Manager | Progressive Recruitment (SThree)

I’m the eldest of 8 siblings, four sisters and three brothers. I started a degree in Actuarial Science but after year 1 a change in circumstances meant one of my sisters who was 14 needed to move in with me, so I secured a full time job with Santander to allow this to happen. After 3 years, once she had secured a position in a foundation course for a mental health nursing degree we moved to London and I started a brand new career with Progressive Recruitment, a trading division of SThree. In the last 6 years, I’ve been through the high and lows that recruitment offers, however have been given an amazing platform to champion come of the key beliefs I hold in life. Everyone deserves to be given an opportunity to reach their full potential, always give excellent customer service, create a diverse and inclusive work environment and this will lead to a creative, happy and retained work force. I have had some really good success which I am always thankful for, but truly believe it is my unwavering desire to assist my customers in making the right choices for their organisations or careers that has led me to this success.