Technical Fault Diagnostic Officer | BT

I am in my final year of a 3 year apprenticeship. As well as being an apprentice ambassador for BT within the West Midlands, I was the first person out of 1,366 apprentices to complete the NVQ Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms 22 months ahead of schedule.
Since completing my NVQ I went on to complete the A1 NVQ assessors qualification. This enables me to assess other BT apprentices NVQs as well as coach and mentor them.
Normally my day job sees me working on the technical diagnostic team within BT’s TSO (Technology, Service and Operations) Group faulting business internet.

At the end of February I was approached to do a 3 month secondment with the Traineeship team. This is a government backed team who help 16-24 year olds out of work get the necessary skills to get a job. This means currently I am fully immersed in the new role, delivering the Work ready programme throughout the UK.

You may have caught sight of me at the Gadget Show Live 2016 in Birmingham. I was there as one of the panelists in the Young role models Gadget Girls segment. Whilst there I promoted apprenticeships and tried to break the myth that technology jobs are just for men (which of course they are not).

Throughout my apprenticeship I have actively sought opportunities that enable me to develop myself and others whilst learning new skills. This mindset has empowered me to mentor other apprentices and help develop them alongside my current role. This is something I am extremely passionate about and hope to continue coaching and developing people for the duration of my career.