Senior Practitioner | Southend Council

Emma Redman is a dynamic, thoughtful and vital role model working within the social care industry for over 13 years. Currently leading a team of drug and alcohol workers and volunteers as a Senior Practitioner, supporting the vulnerable youth of Southend deal with an array of complex issues and provide opportunities to enhance their future. As an emotionally demanding role it is hard to switch off, Emma has an exceptional track record of enabling others to make positive change and puts her heart and soul into supporting her team and young people.

In Emma’s spare time, she continues to support others by fundraising, most recently raising over £5000 to help a friend with MS, being a listening ear and offering encouragement to those in need as well as occasional volunteering work. Young adults Emma supported in the past still turn to her for help and advice which she willingly gives. As well as enhancing the life of others Emma actively does this for herself and has gained qualifications in Social Science, Health and Social care, Coaching and Counselling; is currently working toward a foundation project management qualification to broaden the range of skills she brings to the workplace.

Emma is the founder and captain of a local Netball Team, Pink Spirit, which was established in 2007 to support breast cancer charities, and others close to the team members raising over £3k to date. Emma believes in encouraging women to participate in sport to improve overall wellbeing and is proud of the environment her club provides.

As a travel enthusiast, Emma’s ambiton is to travel the world. She has visited 20 countries to date and is naturally designed for the beach (Just not Southend Beach!).