Software Developer | 7digital

Emma-Ashley is a software developer at 7digital. As a member of the media delivery team, she works predominantly with music streaming and downloading.

7digital’s working environment has provided Emma-Ashley with the opportunity to solve big problems early in her career. Projects she has worked on include the direct to consumer download solution for Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ release, optimising ACC streaming format tracks for the launch of electric jukebox and most recently collaborating with Imogen Heap to create an exciting new component of the Mycelia music ecosystem. Continually striving to improve her Test-Driven Development and knowledge of lean production by reading, practising and challenging herself as often as she can.

Outside of work, Emma-Ashley is dedicated to volunteering, working specifically with the organisations the Stemettes and CAS #include. As a Stemettes ambassador, Emma-Ashley’s focus is to empower young women to engage with coding, as well as partaking in panel events and incubator projects. In 2015, Emma-Ashley worked as a centre lead with the Outbox incubator, an initiative that supported 40 teenage entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups and compete in the festival of code. Her work as Industry Liaison for CAS #include has seen her manage a successful bid for a Google RISE award, negotiate sponsorship for events and run CAS #include’s flagship ‘Hack the Curriculum’ event. When she’s not coding, Emma-Ashley enjoys spending her time juggling and reading.

Emma-Ashley is currently writing ‘A Teenagers Guide To Software Development’, a book for young people interested in coding. The guide serves as an introduction to programming best practices, TDD and clean code.