Analyst | KPMG

Cynthia is an Analyst at KPMG where she leads a workstream in a project that develops global tax reporting tools for financial services clients across the world. She is also heavily invested in business development. Cynthia founded a team of over 20 colleagues to develop geospatial analytics and visualisation solutions. She actively reaches out to potential partners and clients, cultivates talent within the firm, and serves as the subject matter expert. As a Diversity Champion, Cynthia engages her colleagues in discussions on diversity and inclusion. Her colleagues describe her as a passionate and inspiring leader.

Outside of KPMG, Cynthia runs an anti-street harassment campaign and an online community that provides sexual education for youths across the sexuality spectrum. She is also producing a short film that explores international adoption and single motherhood in Korea. Cynthia is committed to building a more empathetic world.