Katherine Loe

Katherine Loe | Morgan Stanley

Katherine Loe

I am an Employee Engagement & Internal Communications specialist working in a Technology department for an Investment Bank.

I concentrate on employee engagement, stakeholder management, diversity & inclusion, encouraging collaboration. I influence and advise CIO’s, Senior Management and various working groups across the organization. I am a passionate and excellent communicator with strong writing skills and project management experience, including event organisation and managing promotional campaigns.

I am a committee member on the Family Network and also the Women in Technology working group, where I get to get involved in areas that I have a great passion for.

Ann Miller-McCaffrey

Ann Miller-McCaffrey | Royal Navy

Ann Miller-McCaffrey

A former Royal Navy Education & Training Specialist and Reservist Instructor; now the Royal Navy element of the Armed Forces Diversity Engagement Team.

Her career spans 3 decades and has seen her work with the Royal Marines, Fleet Air Arm, British Army, Royal Air Force, Ministry of Defence both in the UK, abroad in Norway, Gibraltar and onboard HMS ROEBUCK and SOMERSET. Her current role is to engage with communities and individuals who don’t traditionally engage with the Armed Forces in a bid to raise awareness about what the Armed Forces do, how they do it and how they contribute to society, alongside myth busting about women’s roles in the modern military.

She has a passion for sport underpinned by being a former footballer (Royal Navy and Plymouth Argyle) and hockey player, she is a huge advocate for more diverse participation in all sports and regularly mentors younger members of the hockey family on team ethos, respect in success and bouncing back from defeat.

Ann is a compulsive networker who likes to experience new cultures, travel and promote others talents and potential through collaboration and education. She is also a Trustee for the educational charity Diversity Role Models, a charity that creates more inclusive environments in schools across the UK.

She is also the owner of Purple Tie Promotions, a business that provides opportunities for inspirational women to share their unique approach of balancing life in the British Armed Forces alongside their personal challenges, passions and ambitions. Her interest spans the generations and she is currently collecting Oral Histories from women who have served in the Armed Forces over many decades - she is also an Ambassador for the Association of Wrens and WRNS Benevolent Trust and was instrumental in contributing to the rewrite of the constitution to include Royal Navy women; which has ensured the longevity of the association and generated many friendships and projects across the generations.

Laura Beattie

Laura Beattie | Careaux

Laura Beattie

I am the co-founder, alongside my sister Rachel, of luxury, ethical womenswear brand Careaux based in Manchester.

Careaux create timeless, classic dresses that change to fit each woman's unique shape, style, size and lifestyle. The Careaux dress has a hidden zip around the waist which allows the dress to completely separate into a top and a skirt and then be reattached. This enables the dress to have a different size top to bottom or the same size throughout. Not only that, the tops and skirts can also be interchanged to create different styles, colour and fabric combinations. All handmade locally in Manchester.

However I do not come from a business or fashion background. I went to an all-girls school where I failed all but one of my A Levels. I then completed a Foundation Year at Manchester Metropolitan University, followed by a History degree achieving a 2:1. I then went on to study for a Graduate Diploma in Law. After University I worked as a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau and then as a tutor for the educational charity The Tutor Trust, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Rachel had the idea for Careaux when she was fourteen and as soon as she told me I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do and, even though I have loved doing what I have done throughout the years, knowing this has stayed with me and is still what I feel today.

I have Cystic Fibrosis and I am currently on the double lung transplant list. I am passionate about raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and Organ Donation. I was a part of the national NHS campaign during Organ Donation week last year. With Careaux we have also created two dresses for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust highlighting the amount of medication people with Cystic Fibrosis take and also highlight the issue of recycling plastic - with each dress having sequins made out of recycled plastic and laser cut medicine bottles as well as ethically sourced fabric and recycled plastic fabric.

Rachel Beattie

Rachel Beattie | Careaux

Rachel Beattie

My name is Rachel Beattie, I am twenty-three years old and I am co-founder of luxury ethical womenswear brand, Careaux with my sister and best friend, Laura.

From an idea when I was fourteen combining my love of fashion and Maths we have created a world first dress.

Careaux creates timeless, classic dresses that change to fit each and every woman. The Careaux dress has a hidden zip around the waist which allows the dress to completely separate into a top and a skirt and then be reattached. This enables the dress to have a different size top to bottom or the same size throughout. Not only that, the tops and skirts can also be interchanged to create different styles, colour and fabric combinations. All handmade locally in Manchester.

I was studying for my GCSEs and my two favourite subjects were Maths and Art. I have always loved clothes and for my Art project I decided to create a dress with my Nana who had been a dressmaker since she was fourteen as well. She spoke so passionately about the importance of quality, fit and tailoring each outfit to the individual, I fell completely in love with the dressmaking process from start to finish. Alongside this I used to borrow Laura's clothes, but as we were very different shapes, it never used to fit, it was either too big on top or small on the bottom or sleeves were too short or skirt was too long. This brought to the forefront of my mind, how each and every one of us were different - our own, shape, style, personality and lifestyle but clothes had not changed and do not accommodate this fact. One night ten years ago I had the 'lightbulb' moment for Careaux, as soon as this happened I told Laura and it has been our sole dream and focus to make the Careaux dress come true.

However, we did not know anyone who had ran a business and we had not run a business before, therefore we started researching and learning as much as we could. I carried on with my GCSEs, A-Levels and I then went on to study Maths at The University of Manchester. During my time at University I worked for a charity called The Tutor Trust as a primary school tutor to tackle educational inequality and also completed an actuarial internship at a big 4 firm. In my third year at University, I studied abroad in North Carolina and this gave me a chance to delve deeper into the Maths behind Careaux looking at Combinatorics (the number of different ways you can combine different things) for e.g. number of tops and skirts to make Careaux dresses. When I returned from study abroad after years of searching we found our first dressmaker in 2016 and developed the dress for the next two years whilst I was apart of the Natwest Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator programme in my final year of University.

I graduated with a first class Masters of Maths in 2017, soft launched Careaux late 2017 to test the idea and we then launched our bespoke services in July 2018. As well as being on an actuarial graduate scheme at a big 4. In the last 6 months, we've been lucky enough to create pieces for Royal Investitures and I have won the Barclaycard Everywoman in Retail Innovator Award, The EVAs Young Entrepreneur One To Watch and have been named on the Northern Power Woman Future List 2019. We have just launched our kickstarter campaign to pre-order the debut core collection and will be launching the e-commerce site this year proudly supported by The Princes Trust. I am also a Code First Girls, STEM and Pankhurst Centre Centenary City Ambassador.

Gemma Kybert

Gemma Kybert | Oscar's Wish Foundation

Gemma Kybert

As a Nursery Manager, Early Years Teacher, Youth worker and private Nanny my whole world was focused around children and young people.

As a family we were foster carers and this supported my work around behaviour management and safeguarding vulnerable children.

I set up Oscar's Wish Foundation after I tragically lost my first born son in November 2014. As an Early Years Teacher and College lecturer it became increasingly difficult to maintain teaching the subject (covering conception and birth) whilst working through my own grief. I chose to turn my grief journey into exploring how to support other parents who lose their precious baby, my future and their dreams and ensuring Oscar's life wasn't in vain- the charity was launched.

Support families locally through out Sussex and the UK. We aim to provide support from day one and work along side the local hospitals and bereavement midwives, providing much needed therapy and counselling and online support. Parents often join our online support groups which offer them the option of support in future pregnancies too. WE are creating a holistic wholesome support network to wrap our arms of care around parents and families at their most vulnerable times.

Christina Blacklaws

Christina Blacklaws | The Law Society of England and Wales

Christina Blacklaws

Innovator and champion of diversity and inclusion

Started career as a children’s rights lawyer working in deprived area of London with most disempowered in society.

Founding partner, developed and grew to scale a family law firm which included one of the country’s first virtual law practices, enabling women lawyers to work flexibly with the back-office support of the business. Over 100 people (95% female) working with and for the firm.

Set up first alternative business structure within the Cooperative Group. Designed, developed and delivered a remote access, modular fixed fee family service which enabled mainly women to access reasonably priced family law support and advice. Also established largest family law legal aid contract in UK supporting mainly women facing domestic violence and child protection court proceedings.

Director of Policy at Cooperative Legal Services providing leadership for all public policy, external engagement and media work, horizon scanning and providing strategic direction to board.

Chief Operating Officer and then Director of Innovation at top 100 firm, Cripps LLP, managing strategic change within the business. Set up an Affinity Group to tackle issues around D and I within the firm establishing and implementing first remote and agile working policy.

Career long history of commitment to using my legal expertise to support women starting with being an advisor to Rights of Women in 1989, have sat on and chaired numerous committees and boards relating to family law and legal policy/ access to justice issues, Law Society council member representing Women Lawyers Division, President (only 5th woman out of 174!) of the Law Society of England and Wales, member of Judicial Diversity Forum, member of Family Justice Council, trustee of LawWorks (solicitors pro bono charity), chair of HM Government’s Lawtech Delivery Panel, chair of HMG Next Gen Services Advisory Board, member of Thompson Reuter’s Women in Leadership Advisory Board, member of Chartered Insurers Institute’s Insuring Women’s Futures Advisory Board, winner of Power of Women Award 2018, WinLaw, Women in Leadership Award 2017, winner of Lawyer of the Year, Modern Law Awards 2014, The Lawyers Hot 100 for management 2012.
Frequent international and domestic speaker, author and commentator.

Vivienne Artz

Vivienne Artz | Refinitiv

Vivienne Artz

Vivienne is the Chief Privacy Officer of Refinitiv (formed from the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters) since November 2017, based in London, leading the global Privacy Team and overseeing global privacy strategy and practice.

Previously, Vivienne was a Managing Director and Global Head of Privacy Legal and Head of International for the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Group at Citi in the General Counsel’s Office in London. Prior to joining Citi in 2000, Vivienne worked in private practice in London.

Vivienne chairs the International Regulatory Strategy Group Data Working Group and is on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), having previously served on IAPP European Advisory Board and been co-chair of the IAPP Knowledge Net for the UK. Until recently, Vivienne was the chair of the AFME Data Protection Working Group, and participated in the UK Finance Data Protection Working Group. Vivienne is also on the School of Business, Law and Society Advisory Board of St Mary’s University in the UK.

Vivienne is the current President of Women in Banking and Finance, having been awarded the “Champion for Women” Award at the Women in Banking and Finance Awards for Achievement 2016. Vivienne has many years of experience leading a broad range of diversity initiatives and groups both within firms and across sectors.

Vivienne has two teenage children and enjoys running, horseriding and cycling.

Holly Rafique

Holly Rafique | #techmums

Holly Rafique

Holly is on a mission to save the world through technology, believing that an understanding of technology is critical to living in the increasingly digital and integrated world.

For children today, digital literacy is as fundamental a skill as reading and writing.

After over a decade as an IT Consultant and developer in Financial Services, Holly took some time out to focus on building Lego and cardboard swords with her two boys, rather than building software systems. Now Holly has rediscovered a life-long curiosity for how things work and is reapplying her skills to new technology challenges and helping others to educate themselves in all things digital.

Holly is currently Head of Digital and Content at #techmums, a non-profit that seeks to empower women, their families and communities through technology. In her role she has overhauled and recreated the #techmums digital skills course to teach Mums, who start with limited tech experience, a range of topics including Blogging, App Design, Web Design, Python Coding and educates them in keeping themselves and their families safe online. Holly has created the physical content, build an online portal to support and enhance learning and created educational videos for an accompanying online course.

Holly has re-trained extensively in diverse areas, including analytics, genetics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, to ensure that she is able to normalise prominent technologies and bring them into everyday conversation. Holly is focused on taking every opportunity to demystify technology and remove stigma and stereotypes around technology. In her spare time she works with her children to create videos to encourage children to explore technology and robotics.

Holly is also pushing the agenda on ethical computing - she contributed to a manifesto, by the Women Leading in AI group, recommending regulation and evaluation of algorithms that utilize artificial intelligence solution. This manifesto, containing 10 regulatory recommendations, was put forward to MPs at the House of Commons in February 2018. Holly is passionate that ethical computing should be a core teaching requirement for all computer science courses.

Holly is keen to reframe the question from “How can we get more women into tech?” to “How can we bring more technology into women’s lives?”; encouraging women to consider how digital solutions can enhance the areas they are already passionate about.