Oishi Deb

Oishi Deb | Rolls Royce

Oishi is working at Rolls-Royce (RR) in the Control System department. Oishi’s current role is in Software Verification where she works in Hardware Software Integration (HSI) Test. Oishi previously completed a placement at Rolls-Royce working in software design for safety-critical software for aircraft’s engine control system.

Furthermore, she has been highly involved in promoting Engineering to the younger generation and dedicates a lot of her personal time towards STEM-volunteering. Oishi is a member of the Rolls-Royce STEM group and has volunteered and organised several activities to promote engineering. Oishi’s volunteering activities includes mentoring, judging UK Space Design regional competition, speaking at schools, volunteering at Maker’s-Fair & Big-Bang fair among others. She has received recognition twice from Rolls-Royce for STEM volunteering work.

Oishi graduated with BEng Software and Electronics Engineering with Industry degree from the University of Leicester. Oishi received the President and Vice Chancellor Student of the Year Award 2017. Oishi was shortlisted for the UK Telegraph STEM award 2017 in the power system category sponsored by Rolls-Royce. Oishi received the Achievement Award – Undergraduate Grant 2016 from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and also the recipient of the UK Naval Engineering Science and Technology scholarship award 2016.

Prior to joining Rolls-Royce, Oishi was the chair of the ‘Women in Computer Science Leicester (WCSL)’ group at the University of Leicester from 2016-17. As the university is championing the UN’s goal of gender diversity through the HeforShe campaign, Oishi’s work as the chair contributed to the university’s objective of gender diversity. Apart from being the chair, she was also selected as a member of the Athena Swan Committee for the Informatics Department. For all the contributions Oishi had made, she was a finalist for the Frank May volunteer of the year award 2017.

Desy Kristianti

Desy Kristianti | Deloitte

Desy Kristianti is an Analyst in Technology Consulting at Deloitte. Having worked there for 1.5 years, her work thus far has been technically focused in areas such as DevOps, Enterprise Integrations and Web Development. She has delivered multiple digital transformation programmes for private sector clients, implementing technical solutions and utilising new technologies.

Previously, Desy interned at a startup as a front-end developer, owning 1 of the 3 key offerings of the web app. She also assisted the Founder in brainstorming, refining and prioritising requirements, designing the solution while applying Gamification concepts. Her love for programming as well as designing a product led her to her career in tech consulting.

Moreover, Desy believes in making an impact in the community and inspiring others. She is a City Leader at Women Who Code Belfast, and a Co-Founder and VP Events at Women of Indonesia (WIN) Career Network. Gender diversity is her passion and she enjoys organising various events from coding tutorials to talks and panel discussions.

Nicky Zachariou

Nicky Zachariou | Government Digital Service

Nicky Zachariou is a mathematician by training and a data scientist by practice. She has an MSci in Mathematics, a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London and her research focussed on a complexity and networks science approach to the sustainability of socio-economic systems. As a recovering network scientist, she sees connections everywhere and believes that this knowledge can be applied to everyday interactions across government and everyday life. She believes that networks science can help you be more successful in your career and personal life as she she explains in her recent TEDxWhitehallWomen talk.

As the co-founder of DataBeers London, she loves bringing data enthusiasts together from industry, government, academia and the arts to share stories. She helps break down the barriers between previously siloed industries through fun, beer and storytelling, with data as a universal language.

Nicky has been working in Government since 2014 and is determined to help government get better at understanding patterns in data and being more innovative at using cutting edge technologies. Her superpower is explaining complex technical topics to non-specialists to show the value of data science and its application to real world problems. She’s currently leading the data science work on GOV.UK and using artificial intelligence, deep learning and network science to make GOV.UK better for its users.

Seren Davies

Seren Davies | Elsevier

Seren is a Software Engineer who is passionate about making the web accessible to people with all sorts of abilities, as a Dyslexic herself she understands how frustrating it can be to use.

She recently graduated with a BSc in Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes and is a member of the team working on Elsevier’s ecommerce site.

At the age of 20, Seren gave her first conference talk. ‘Death to Icon Fonts’ explored the problems that a popular web development technique caused for people who have dyslexia and led to several large internet sites changing their approach to a more dyslexic friendly one. She has since given other talks highlighting techniques websites use that are unfriendly to people with accessibility needs and offering advice on how to improve them.

Seren has written for a few projects such as an article on icon fonts for Net Magazine and automated accessibility testing for 24 Ways.

Xiao-Si Selina Wang

Xiao-Si Selina Wang | BT

Selina is a promising technologist and research scientist with a track record of delivering innovative technologies and research findings with high impacts and addressing real world problems. She is very self-motivated and thrives when facing challenges.

Before joining BT, Selina worked for 10 years as a Data Scientist & Mathematician in world-top academic research institutions including University of Oxford and LSHTM on national and global scale projects, as well as in the software development industry. She has a list of high-impact scientific publications in population health with more than 1400 citations worldwide and she has a winning machine learning model in one of ITU’s standardisation competitions, outperforming several global tech companies and resulting in a patent filed in both US and Europe.

After joining BT’s cyber security research practice in December 2016, she quickly discovered and established new research directions in tackling malware epidemics. She now leads the Malware Analytics & Propagation Research within BT’s Research & Innovation Headquarter and is gradually establishing herself as the thought leader in this area internally and externally. She has established several projects including applying AI & machine learning technologies and transferring population health knowledge to prevent malware attacks.

Within only a year at BT, Selina has discovered new and in-depth malware threat knowledge and subsequently proposed transformation solutions or guidance to improve BT’s anti-malware operation, for which she received BT R&I’s End of Year Recognition. She also proves to be a great inventor. It only took her five months from identifying a malware research theme to submitting her first malware invention to the patent attorney. Currently she has three patents being filed and more inventions in the pipeline. Last but not least, she works with large organisations from different EU countries on a European Commission funded project on cyber information sharing and she leads the engagement of BT business lines on that project.

Selina has a Bachelor’s degree in Automation and Control Engineering, and MSc and PhD in applied mathematics and statistics.