tanya dennis

Tanya Dennis | Eventsuncut

Alongside her six years of International conference and exhibition management experience (in-house), working within a variety of sectors including Interior Design, Aviation, Finance, Technology and Health Care; at 28, Tanya is also Founder of Event Tech start up Eventsuncut.

Tanya had the vision for the event promotion and directory business www.eventsuncut.com when she struggled to identify reputable event suppliers for the entertainment events she project manages in her spare time. Over the 5 years since its initial launch, Eventsuncut has evolved into an event finder for young people in London to easily locate events that interest them, from Coding workshops to club nights. Living in London should mean that there is never a shortage of places to go, but quite often people don’t know where to find out about these events! Tanya would also like to see Eventsuncut become a trusted review and news site, and an app.

Outside of her day job, Tanya often joins charity projects as an event or venue manager; most recently Oxjam Brixton which raised £6800.

In 2015 Tanya was accepted as an inaugural mentee in Fay Sharpe’s FastForward15 mentoring scheme which aims to inspire, encourage and empower women in the events, hospitality and related industry to be the best they can be: http://www.fastforward15.co.uk

Lalita Purbhoo Junggee

Lalita Devi Purbhoo Junggee | Nineteen Fifty Design & Print Co Ltd

My name is Lalita Purbhoo-Junggee. I am 28 years old, married and the mother of two kids. I am the co-founder of 1950 Design & Print Co Ltd, which is located in Pailles, Mauritius.

I started my career as a trainee reporter at sixteen. Following high-school, I began work at a top newspaper in Mauritius. After eight years of working full-time, I decided to take on the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur.

Together with my husband, we started a large format printing and advertising company. Step by step, we have expanded our operations, while sticking to our core values and principles. Our major goal is to have the biggest positive impact we can on the environment. Living in an island nation, we see first hand how much of an impact man made climate change is having on the island. From severe droughts to extreme heat.

My biggest personal strengths are my focus and followthrough, my ability to commit to a task and see it through to completion. I am a very intuitive and curious person who loves to learn, problem-solve and find innovative solutions for everyday problems. I am very open-minded, optimistic, hard working and these traits are very beneficial in a career oriented around creativity and design.

jenny garrett

Jenny Garrett | Reflexion Associates

I am an award winning Executive Career Coach, Author, 2 x TEDx Speaker, Leadership Trainer. Commentator. Women & Teen Advocate and Entrepreneur.

I have been running my business, Reflexion Associates Limited, which is a Leadership Consultancy for 11 years, Before that I held senior marketing roles in organisations, such as Schroder Leasing and Hamptons International.

4 years ago I wrote my Amazon best selling book Rocking Your Role, on the taboo subject of female breadwinners and this led to my work evolving to support working women and the broader diversity agenda.

My mission is to transform the world for everyone, one empowered woman at a time. I work with women entrepreneurs and business executive to helping them come to terms with, appreciate and thrive on the varied challenges they face in their demanding lives. I use my years of experience in coaching and leadership to inspire and motivate people, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation.

I have reached an audience of over 30,000 through my speaking engagements, including, and coached individuals all over the globe from Australia, to Botswana, the US, Mexico, Spain and the UK, with over 3000 coaching hours under my belt.

I am a Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation and have mentored women in Botswana and South Africa and am an informal mentor to women I meet.

I am regularly asked to contribute on news stories relating to women and the workplace, most recently on Sky News, BBC Radio 5 and LBC Radio.

My most recent clients include MasterCard, EY and Mace Macro.

A client recently described me as a ‘yoga stretch for the career!

Cynthia Davis

Cynthia Davis | BAME Recruitment

I am a passionate female entrepreneur who is determined to make a difference for people from under represented backgrounds within the workforce. I have worked within the recruitment industry for over 18 years and worked for a number of organisations including BT, Carphone Warehouse, Talk Talk and at ITV for Creative Access.  Throughout my career, no matter what organisation I worked in, there were never many people who looked like me working in similar positions. I faced barriers in my career and when I wanted to move up the ladder, the only way for me was to move out due to the lack of opportunity to progress.

I found that it wasn’t just myself. A lot of people who came from a similar background to me from ethnic minority, or from other under-represented backgrounds had similar issues. I started to look at organisations more closely and started delving into the data. It soon became clear  that a lot of organisations were not as diverse as they thought they were. Whilst there were lots of people who looked like me at a certain level, at the hierarchy the numbers significantely reduced. I’m a great believer in being part of the change that you want to see in the world and so armed with this, I decided to set up my own business. I felt that my recruitment experience, excellent market knowledge and work within the diversity networks could enable me to make a difference.

ava eagle brown

Dr Ava Eagle Brown | Ava Eagle Brown

Multi-award winning International Speaker, Author and Transformation mindset coach, Dr Ava Eagle Brown is in a class by herself. She is the author of her memoir The Mango Girl soon to be a feature film. Ava has moved from incest, rape, failed marriages and being homeless to a household name globally. She has shared stage with the likes of Eric Thomas, Lisa Nichols, Nick Vujicic, Andy Harrington, Hollywood -Sheryl Lee Ralph, Paul O’Mahony, Darren Winters, Mac Attram, Reena Marla, Simon Coulson, Paul Preston , Joseph McClendon 3rd among others of influential and status in this space.

She has been featured in the Financial Times, Guardian just to name a few of the press that has sought to have words from this great country girl turned corporate queen.
Out of her journey, Ava has created Awakening Your Lifes Purpose, Purpose Walk and the Get Your Book Out of Your Gut Programmes with the view of helping others maximise their truest potential and claim their BEST LIFE.

She has helped over 28 individuals rewrite their stories in less than a year, some of these authors of having gone on to being featured in media globally and have started their journey of transforming others.

Ava operates on an ethos of transformation through mindset mastery. She seeks to empower others to understand that the word IMPOSSIBLE means I”M POSSIBLE – thus helping them claim the lives they were meant to live, a life of abundance, joy, peace and success.

The love, desire, and passion Ava has to see others come out of the RUT and claim their best self, stands at the CORE of her WHY. Her style of being truly transparent, authentic, enthusiastic and welcoming are all part of her success. She has often referred the UK’s answer to Lisa Nichols Oprah Winfrey.

Contact : www.avaeaglebrown.com
@avabrown24 twitter
dr.avabrown24 Instagram