claire nixon

Claire Nixon | RAF

I joined the Royal Air Force in 2008 after completing a degree in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Fascinated by psychology and social anthropology, I joined the RAF as a Training Officer – a specialisation dedicated to the development of personnel. Within this role, I have been privileged to provide training design and delivery support to a wide range of organisations. Whether leading a design team within the School of Physical Training, managing instructors at a multi-role Reservist Sqn or providing training policy advice to aircrew, I am constantly inspired by the depth of talent and passion driving training forwards in today’s military.In addition to my day job, I am also passionate about military sport and am a member of the RAF Athletics and Combined Services Ski Race Teams. Whilst hugely privileged to compete at this level, I am most proud to be Captain of the RAF Ladies Ski Team. I love being able to promote the physical and psychological benefits of the sport, share an incredible opportunity and be part of an inspirational team.

Clair Ryer

Clair Ryer | RAF

Growing up I was presented with few opportunities and I left school with very little. I knew I wanted a career that would mean I could make a difference and at 17 I joined the RAF. Before I knew it I was marching in full Military attire with a rifle nearly as big as me whilst learning to be a Logistics Supplier. Throughout my career I have dedicated myself to the development of others, helping them to realise their full potential. I qualified as a recruiter and, through work with charity organisations, I have assisted homeless citizens change their life. This enabled them to find a well-deserved career in the forces. Witnessing applicants with little confidence blossom at their graduation was extremely emotional and satisfying. Qualifying as a Defence Trainer I spent several years developing and mentoring the future custodians of my trade. Privileged to be selected as a Trade Advocate, I have the additional responsibility of engaging with Education Establishments inspiring young people irrespective of their chosen career path. Completing valuable training outside of my RAF commitment has enabled me to work voluntarily for organisations such as Inspiring the Future, Princes Trust, SSAFA and STEM. I use my strong values to support the development and wellbeing of others, helping them with the additional stresses that come with Military life. It’s imperative to be as supportive and understanding as possible. I invest a further part of my life to my amazing family and am actively involved in Animal rescue.


Laura Dietz | Royal Navy

Having completed my Mechanical Engineering studies at Newcastle University I joined the Royal Navy in 2006. On completion of training I worked on Sea King and Merlin Naval Air Squadrons. From there I have worked in a diverse number of jobs including training, an operational tour in Afghanistan, an engineering support job and policy. Alongside my career I have undertaken further academic studies with both Portsmouth and Cranfield Universities and remain committed to my role as a STEM Ambassador both internal and external to the Royal Navy – I passionately encourage others, particularly females into STEM careers. Outside of work I enjoy life in the countryside, horse riding (as long as I’m not falling off!), shooting and time on the water.

emily fowles featured

Emily Fowles | Royal Fleet Auxiliary

I started my Job with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in 2013 at the age of 18 and have since then completed my cadetship, gaining not only my qualified Engineering officer of the watch status but also a foundation degree in Marine engineering. I am looking forward to an exciting and successful role in my capacity of third engineer whilst serving on Royal fleet Auxiliary Vessels. I am hoping that in the future I will be able to use my skills to advance further in the maritime industry.

Patricia_Patilla_Sanchez featured

Patricia Patilla Sanchez | Rolls Royce Plc

Since I was 14 years old, I coveted to become an aerospace engineer. I was strongly motivated by the challenging nature of the degree together with a passion for space and the universe. In college mathematics and physics were my key subjects, which were the foundation of my degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). In order to finish my MEng in Aerospace Engineering, I had the opportunity to perform my Master Thesis at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, a state-of-the-art research centre worldwide in the field of Fluid Dynamics. After this experience, I was eager to find an environment where I could apply my knowledge to solve every day challenges.

I have had the opportunity to work in different companies and sectors in Spain, Germany and the UK. I joined Rolls-Royce PLC in 2013 where I have worked in different positions in the Defence sector. These include the aftermarket business developing new services for customer worldwide and in engineering. In my current role as development engineer, I am responsible for ensuring that our products will be safe in service and fulfil airworthiness requirements, whilst meeting the requirement of the customer and our business.

In addition to my day job, I am truly passionate about inspiring the next generation to pursue STEM careers and changing the culture to bring gender equality into the workplace. I re-launched the Rolls-Royce WoMen network in September 2015. From the re-launch I was Chair of the Bristol Site until December 2016. Moreover, I am a founding member of the Steering Group for Bristol Women in Business, a network connecting professional women in corporates and large businesses based in Bristol, which helps its members to continue to progress, make valuable connections and achieve their full potential.