Mohammed Zafran

Mohammed Zafran BEM | All 4 Youth & Community

Mohammed Zafran known as Zaf in the Uk is a Community Liaison Officer at South and City College and the Founder of a Non Profit Organisation All 4 Youth & Community. As highlighted on a national scale, the inspiration for Zaf to do the brilliant work in the community was two tragedies which occured in his life. Seven years ago, Zaf lost his blind sister to cancer at the age of 30. After that he started helping charities and doing voluntary work to help people. A year later, Zaf lost his 24 year old brother in law who was brutally murdered in a local park stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. Instead of grieving, Zaf went out in the streets in the middle of the night and started to engage with youths who were in gangs in parks and alleys and involved in crime and drugs. Zaf risked his own life to give these youths a new lease of life and to help them get back in education and employment. Zaf through sports and community activities engaged with these youths and with barely any external funding has engaged with over 17,000 youths in the West Midlands and especially Birmingham. 3 years ago, Zaf set up a Womens Academy for young muslim women who were being forced to quit education at the age of 15 and forced in arrange marriages. Zaf has engaged with over 5,000 women and got them to progress in further education and employment. Zaf was called a "Living Legend" by Prime Minister David Cameron who asked Her Magesty to honour him with a British Empire Medal. Zaf was the Pride of Birmingham winner, National Diversity Award winner and Excellence in Diversity Award and was in the Global Diversity List 2016 for the Community Champion which included stars as Angelina Jolie and Barrack Obama.

Amali de Alwis

Amali de Alwis | Code First: Girls

Amali de Alwis is CEO of Code First: Girls, a  multi-award winning​ social enterprise ​that works​ with companies and women ​directly ​to increase the proportions of women in tech and entrepreneurship. ​They do this by running free ​and paid ​coding courses for men and women, by advising companies on tech talent, and by running a community of 5500+ women who are interested in tech. Over the past 3 years they’ve provided £2.5 million+ worth of free tech education, and taught 4000+ women how to code. They are the largest provider of free in person coding courses for women in the UK.

Amali previously worked as a consultant at PwC, which included a secondment to the World Economic Forum. Prior to this she was a senior research and strategy consultant at TNS Global.
Outside of the day job, she is a member of the steering committee at the Tech Talent Charter, a small business mentor through Start-up direct and CommonwealthFirst, a Tech London Advocate, and a fellow at the RSA.

Liz Dimmock

Liz Dimmock | Women Ahead & Moving Ahead Group

I am founder and CEO of Women Ahead and Moving Ahead Group, set up in 2014. Before then I  worked in the fields of consultancy, coaching and mentoring for 16 years in businesses ranging from 30 employees to 330,000. I have held commercial, coaching and leadership roles at IMG, KPMG, HSBC (Global Head of Coaching), and GP Strategies (Managing Partner). In 2012 I cycled the entire route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the men's race, matching them stage for stage, riding 3,479kms in 21 days. This journey highlighted the inequalities in the sport I love; the fact that there is no women's Tour de France (despite the clear physiological ability of women to complete it) was a driving factor in the creation of Women Ahead.

Ruth Oshikanlu

Ruth Oshikanlu | Goal Mind Limited

Ruth Oshikanlu – Award-winning Queen’s Nurse, midwife and health visitor and parenting expert.  She is the founding director of Goal Mind Limited, and has over 22 years track record in delivering secondary and primary health care services in the independent, statutory and voluntary sectors.  She is an inspirational professional who is passionate about women and children having supported a vast amount of women from conception, birth and beyond.

Ruth is a published author of Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come with An Instruction Manual; a holistic self-help parenting book that promotes maternal and infant mental health.  She runs a private practice in London’s Harley Street supporting women who have had assisted conception or previous miscarriage to enjoy their pregnancy without fear.

Ruth is a champion for nurses, midwives and health visitors, enabling her colleagues to be better practitioners and deliver excellent standards of care to the women and children they serve.  To date, she has penned over fifty articles in several nursing and healthcare journals that encourage colleagues to challenge their mindset and be proactive about finding solutions to problems at work.

Ruth was involved in developing the recent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) pathway for The Department of Health/Public Health England for health visitors and school nurses.  She regularly speaks at national conferences on issues affecting women such as FGM, domestic abuse, parenting.

Ruth is a a member of the Chief Nursing Officer Black and Minority Ethnic Advisory Group and uses these roles to influence policy and raise professional standards.  In her spare time, Ruth volunteers as a mentor/coach for young girls with low self-esteem.  She has been able to make an impact to women and children despite being a single parent to a 12 year old boy.

Chuck Stephens 1

Chuck Stephens | Google

Chuck is a recognized leader in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Leveraging more than a fifteen years’ of experience building, deploying, and managing D&I practices, Chuck delivers measurable, business-focused solutions that meet the demands of complex organizations. He has guided some of the world’s largest companies in addressing their D&I challenges while increasing their eminence as diversity leaders. He has deep experience establishing and governing broad-based D&I practices that are tailored to the needs of individual business units while leveraging knowledge across the organization.

He is a long standing champion of equity and equality for all. Creating pathways for organisations, leaders, and individuals to move from tactical to transformational is a hallmark of his career. This is achieved via building awareness, changing attitudes, and promoting behaviours to create new outcomes.

Established relationships with Fortune Magazine, Human Rights Campaign, Stonewall, Race for Opportunity, UN Women, Working Mother, OpportunityNow, OutStanding, The Guardian newspaper, and others have contributed to drive brand eminence and D&I impact.