Krystal Archer

Krystal Archer | SuperFoxx

I started DJing after a career as a performer on stage and TV. With no training in this area I had to learn from scratch and taught myself music production first. When the opportunity came to open a new club in London I went for it, learning the basics, feeling the fear and doing it anyway and then teaching myself the live skills afterwards from YouTube.

I honed my skills in bars and clubs before auditioning for Ministry Of Sound and becoming one of their first female DJs and touring the world. This quickly taught me two things, firstly the world does not always see women as equal (neither does the music industry) and secondly that I could use my story, my skills, my passion and technology to share empowerment for free, to enable women and girls to learn new skills which they could enjoy, master and monetise.

As I played more high profile shows I met more poweful women and grew a network of role models in all corners of the world. Whilst connecting through music we shared our values and experiences. I created my lifestyle brand SuperFoxx to provide a safe space for women to enjoy music, support and enable each other and tap into role models.

Caroline Newman

Caroline Newman | Lawdacity

Caroline is a business owner. She has started and owns several businesses.

1. Lawdacity - Consultancy, Training and Coaching

Through Lawdacity she provides consultancy, coaching, live training, books and online products to the legal sector and to users of legal services.

Following a successful career as a solicitor in top city law firm she set up a solicitors' firm which she then merged with another firm and exited. She then set up as Newman Consulting in 2006. She later incorporated the business as Lawdacity Limited in 2010

She provides the following courses:

Legal Gold for Law Students - ninja tactics to get your first job in law - to help law students enter the legal profession
Win Without a Lawyer -

2. Health Wealth Beauty -

She created a Manifesto for Having it All - She set up Health Wealth Beauty an online business specialising in educating women about their health, providing choices of organic health and beauty products and opportunities to earn extra money. She created the brands Nuevo Health (organic supplements) and Nuevo Beauty.
Brands Nuevo Health and Nuevo Beauty.

3. MLM Magic -

She has an multi level markeing business. This is an online bsiness that attracts leads from people who want to


Elevate Your Business' and Business Elevation Success Training

Caroline supports women business owners to succeed in business. She provides books, live events and training and on line programmes.

She established Elevate Your Business putting on events to help women business owners to succeed.

EBooks: 5 Things Successful People do Every day; and 5 Tips for Selling to Corporates and Professionals


She provides live training to other coaches, trainers on How to Sell and Deliver Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to Corporates and Professionals

6. PUBLISHING - Lawdacity Productions

Caroline is the author of several books. One (Legal Gold for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants) has been self published. The other 4 books have been written and are to be published in 2018/19.

Caroline is a #1 Best Selling International author in 5 countries (USA, Spain, South Africa, UK and Australia).

7. African Women Lawyers' Association

Caroline founded the African Women Lawyers' Association. This is a Social Enterprise to solve the problem of BAME women accessing and progressing in the legal profession. She founded the Women's Leadership Summit - an annual leadership conference for 200 women held at the Law Society. She has created Get Board Ready a programme which will prepare them to take up positions on boards, local government, charities, national government and international NGOs.

She mentors students. She supports 28toomany to stop female genital mutilation.

Anna Frankowska

Anna Frankowska | Nightset & Nitechain

I am an Entrepreneur at heart, Economist by education, Investment Banker by the training and an extreme tech enthusiast. I am a Polish born young female entrepreneur who through my determination against all of the odds, my knowledge and experience gained through studying Economics at UCL, career at the Royal Bank of Scotland, during the course of my entrepreneurial journey have managed to build a successful company and thrive in particularly male dominated areas and the tech sector. I am digitally transforming the nightlife industry and looking to set up new disruptive companies tapping into blockchain. Nightlife has been crying out loud for a long overdue technological revolution. So far, after bootstrapping and self financing the project, I individually managed to raise £500,000 from a Bacardi family member and shareholder to build the Nightset platform, a nightlife marketplace connecting consumers and venues on one platform globally through a user driven content. Our vision is to improve the multi billion worth nightlife sector, help people have seamless nightlife journeys, better experiences and reduce frustration. As a crypto and blockchain expert I fully embrace the power of the technology to make a tangible difference to our day to day lives and intend to demonstrate this. I am participating in the fourth revolution that is transforming the world as we see it. Currently, we are building a blockchain enabled social media incentivised nightlife marketplace based on peer to peer recommendations and machine learning ( I am incredibly driven by creation and the idea of leaving the legacy behind that will have a significant positive impact on the world as a whole. I am proud of my progress at only 27 and with Nightset I have been awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 Technology award in Europe in 2017, featured in newspapers and press around the world, selected to the Mayor of London's Business Growth Programme run by London & Partners, have become an ambassador for the #SaveNightlife campaign in London and partnered with the London Club and Bar awards and the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association, who helped save Fabric and work with Mayor Khan and his Night Czar). I am excited about our upcoming plans including our unique blockchain based solution for which we are conducting an ICO right now.

Helen Davies

Helen Davies | Status Products & EasyTots

My name is Helen Davies. My story to the point I am now at;

Education days: 1995 -1998

My favourite A level subject was psychology and back in 1995 I was amazed to achieve the second highest mark in the country for all students that year undertaking A level psychology with that particular exam board, I receiving a commendation award letter and an award ceremony at the college I then attended Priestly College in Warrington. Needless to say as a result, I went on to study Psychology at The University Of Leicester. I actually went through clearing very last minute as I was planning a career in Zoology due to my love of animals , but due to the exam result I achieved I made a brave U turn on my degree option and I am pleased I did.

My Employment days:1999 - 2005

3 years later on graduating with a 2:1 in 1998, I went on start a career within the education service helping young people with issues. I gained my counselling qualification and worked as a learning mentor in a Salford school for 3 years (Harrop Fold School which was featured on the recent 'Educating Manchester' series). During the period 1999 - 2002 My time there was incredibly rewarding, I learned so much about life and I cared so much for the children I worked with, it was often hard and all people that work in the care environment should be commended for the work they do . I was at the time adopting a truly 'person centred' approach and helping my case students move forward. I suppose I was easy to relate to those young people, as at the time I was still young in my early to mid 20's. In 2002 - 2005 I married and moved to the Midlands where I spent the next 3 years as a Connexions personal advisor working across multiple schools in Nuneaton, with young people aged 13 - 18, where additional support was needed. My job back then was to help young people overcome their barriers to learning and life obstacles so that they could realize their potential and access the support services they needed. Most important was giving people skills and choices to make informed decisions to enable them to enter a working life, empowering themselves , despite adversity.

My first Business: 2005 - 2017

Whilst I loved my career, I always had ideas about growing a business and becoming an employer. Despite the fact I had no training at all in business I reflect back and realise I had a true entrepreneurial spirit that was eager to get out. I was in my mid to late 20's and I was married to a hard working window cleaner. In 2005 the 'Work at Height' health and safety laws changed. This meant there was an opportunity in the market to stand out as being a 'safe contractor'. I sold my first little terraced house and invested the entire 50k profit into the set up of our commercial window cleaning company in 2005. My husband carried out the work whilst I headed the company as Managing Director. I learned the industry from scratch, leaned how to deal with B2B customers and how to interact in a corporate environment. The risk I took back then to leave my secure, rewarding job and set up a window cleaning company was in hindsight quite huge! We didn't have 1 single customer the day our shiny new van arrived, but by 3 years later in 2008 and 2009 we were shortlisted as a finalists for the Midlands Business Awards ' Business Of the Year' and me personally ' Entrepreneur of the year' . Although I never won the category it was a tremendous recognition of just how far the business had come in a short time. By 2012 we had national coverage employed 18 people and some of our clients included The BBC (entire London portfolio) BP, Cadburys, RAF and Fort Dunlop Birmingham.

My Second (and current) Business: 2016 - to present

This is a business I could never have imagined myself in, A business that I just 'fell in to' and have since loved beyond anything else I've ever done so far. Nov 2014 I gave birth to my second daughter Keira. Whilst on maternity leave I came across a common problem that many parents face during the weaning stages. Quite simply she was a little monkey who got far more enjoyment from throwing her food, bowls and plates more than anything else at mealtimes. I wanted to encourage independent feeding and learning but it was difficult as nothing stayed put. I researched what was available in the UK for mums like me to buy and was disappointed with the options. I searched further afield and found that the USA had advanced in this area, having already identified the same problem.

As a result I embarked on self funded mission to design my own unique product that I could bring to the UK and solve this common problem experienced by parents in the UK. I named my brand EasyTots, I knew very little about growing a brand or the baby products industry so again was learning from absolute scratch. I immersed myself in this project and travelled to China alone to source a manufacturer that could help me achieve this. Just 8 months and 2 prototypes later I was happy and had my first ever own brand product to market, The EasyMat. The EasyMat is a silicone plate and placemat in one piece with integrated happy face sections for food and 4 very strong corner suction cups. The response to my product overwhelmed me. It fist launched on amazon early March 2016 and by May 2016 it was a bestselling item in the category. In fact I was struggling with supply and demand. It was at that point I decided to leave my previous business behind and give EasyTots the 100% commitment from myself to take it forward. We gained an international and USA trademark for EasyTots and EasyMat in Oct 2016, which we were thrilled about. Since then in Dec 2016, I launched the EasyMat Mini, a miniature version designed specifically for eating out and travel feeling with babies. This second product was an immediate best seller on amazon, and has sustained that ever since. EasyMat Mini has won a 2017 gold award for 'Best Weaning' item and was showcased on ITV's This Morning with Phil and Holly in a best baby gadgets feature.

I've travelled China twice now on my own, I felt brave to do this and empowered at the fact that my business was even leading me to now travel the wold. Its quite amazing what paths life offers us if we take them and this path for me, has so far been the most exciting so far!

In Sep 2017 I exhibited our EasyTots brand and range at our fisrt ever global trade fair in Cologne. This was my fisrt oportuity to offer our products on a distribution baiss for export internationally to other countries. The response was amazing and we now sell our EasyMats to 5 other EU countries. Just a few Months later in Jan 2018 I tralled to China Hong Kong /baby Fair, where once again I exxhibited my UK brand at one of the worlds largest globals baby products trade fairs 'Hong Kong Baby Fair'. The response from Asia to our products has been phenomanal, we have already secured distribution agreements for Tiawan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

EasyTots is only 2 years old, and I have so much more to add to my products range this year.

My mission is to to continue to make innovative, creative and useful products, in fact our slogan is; 'practical stuff, made fun'. My vision is for EasyTots and its products like EasyMat to become a UK (if not international) household names. A must have item for children, a recognised brand.

My daughter Keira is now age 3 and she has no idea that her messy eating led me down this path. I will always be grateful to her for that!

Thank you

Sukhi Jutla

Sukhi Jutla | MarketOrders

Sukhi Jutla left a decade of corporate life to become a serial entrepreneur and author. She is now the Founder & COO of MarketOrders, the online global marketplace for the gold jewellery trade industry.

Sukhi is the author of 2 books: 'Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate. Create A Life You Love' and 'The FinTech Book'.

As a Female Techpreneur Ambassador, Sukhi is a regular speaker at entrepreneur and start-up events & conferences and passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship. She is also a mentor and judge at various accelerator and start-up programs. She is a passionate blockchain advocate as well as an IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer.

Sukhi is a finalist in the Asian Women of Achievement Awards (2018), a celebration of leading British Asian women who are helping to shape a better Britain with their ideas, example and talent.

Magdalene Adenaike

Magdalene Adenaike | Music Relief Foundation

Expert in empowering youths to become positive change agents

Multi award-winning entrepreneur, using experiential workshops through music and the arts to develop confidence and self-worth amongst youths.

Launched knife crime initiative - 'More Than Able' a Leadership and Resilience Program training youth ambassadors bridging the gap between the police and youths.

Fellow with Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

One of the most powerful inspirational speakers in the UK and is regularly praised for her ability to connect with and move audiences.

Recipient of BE MOGUL - A definitive guide featuring the most influential and inspirational black entrepreneurs in Britain today.

Social enterprise award - Haberdashers

Magdalene's passion and life's experiences have also led her to coach women who are struggling to identify their purpose in life.

Helping women turn their hobbies into a business -

Giselle Frederick

Giselle Frederick | Zingr

Giselle is the Founder and CEO of Zingr, a FinTech startup providing solutions to the unbanked. Built on Blockchain technology, Zingr reduces the cost of accepting and making payments through an app that makes online and peer-to-peer payments seamless, fast and secure. Zingr solutions also embeds AML, Digital KYC and Money Management and Financial Literacy Tools.

As an interdisciplinary technologist, Giselle started her career in Finance as a Software Developer in Canary Wharf on completion of her Software Engineering degree from City University London. She gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in her roles working on and managing high profile Technology projects for Investment Banks.

Giselle is known for her philanthropic activities around increasing the representation of Women and Minorities in Finance and Technology. She is the Chair of the Millennial Women Initiative at Women in Banking and Finance, a stream that tackles issues around attraction and retention of female millennial women in the Finance sector. She is also, a Role Model with Urban Synergy, a charity that delivers career workshops in disadvantaged communities. She was appointed Ambassador at Google Campus, a programme that works with Google to deliver the needs of the Startups using the Google Campus London.

A passionate advocate for the growth and development of the Tech ecosystem in the Caribbean and Blockchain Advocate, Giselle is committed to changing the perception of the region abroad.

Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson | Feel

After 20 years building my career in the City, I returned from 8 months' maternity leave to a job share at HSBC, where my colleague and I were responsible for Communications to the Investment Bank, globally. We reported to an HSBC Board director, handled crises and all sorts of high-profile Corporate Communications. I did the job share for a year, and after 5 years at HSBC started to think about where I'd go next with my career. I had a 12 month old baby and was clear that I wanted to keep working but would need some kind of flexibility for the next 5-10 years. Despite my Oxford degree, 20 years' in large corporates, and Board-level experience, I was unable to find anything at my level that offered any flexibility. So I left HSBC and set up a recruitment consultancy that specialises in helping working mothers stay in the careers they have worked so hard to build. We do this by talking to the client up front about flexibility and opening the door for our candidates so that from the first interview they can raise this subject. We have now been in business for 15 months and our clients include, HSBC, Lloyd's of London, Nestle, KPMG, Arup, the Civil Service and SMEs and agencies.

Because we are inundated with more candidates than clients, I have also recently set up a Facebook Group and accompanying blog called Careering Into Motherhood. This is not for profit. The group has nearly 900 members in 4 weeks, and we are sharing support and advice on how women can go out and find flexible work for themselves. Start ups are invited to post flexible job opportunities for free on the group and I share knowledge about CV writing, using LinkedIn, how to ask for flexible work, what kind of flexible work exists and so on. The idea is to provide the tools, advice and support to keep more women in meaningful work after maternity leave.

Hannilee Fish

Hannilee Fish | iKan Health

Fifteen years ago, a dyslexic with no A ‘Level’s, was growing up in poverty in a dysfunctional environment, with no self-belief and parents with mental health issues – and then a physical injury closed the door on my only hope of escape through semi-professional sport. It would have been very easy at this point just to give up. However…

Fifteen years later, my passion for blending advocacy, law and wellbeing in order to make a difference has lead me to be running two complementary activities which allow me to fulfil that passion in a way that helps others improve their own lives:

§ iKan Health is my start-up which focuses on creating socially intelligent companies through work-place wellbeing. After my own experience of burn-out and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I was spurred on to become an advocate for awareness and change in the way people behave both in and out of the office. While our experts at iKan Health take a holistic view of wellbeing, my specialism is in mindfulness.

I am working in legal practice in litigation while working towards qualifying as a barrister so that I can use those advocacy skills (previously recognised in four scholarship awards) to further the things I believe in.

So what happened in those fifteen years? Well.. overcoming PTSD and vastly improving my reading and writing lead on to work in Marketing and Psychology. As my life started to move in an upward trajectory, I set myself the goal of using my learning and personal journey to help others by writing the book “One Minute Miracles”, with the aim of empowering a million lives through the simple, inspiring and liveable 'one minute messages' that it contains. This book has sold well and has led to my speaking internationally as well as on Sky News and BBC Radio.

This, in turn, resulted in me becoming a ‘voice’ for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, a member of Afrika Tikkun’s ‘Emerging Leaders’ Board and a wellbeing expert advisory member on the Women’s Economic Forum U.K. Board. This lead to working with and helping individuals and companies to train in resilience and wellbeing. These companies have included Oxford University, Realys, Red Bull, HMRC, A.L.L (India) and the Entrepreneurs Organisation.

By now I recognised that I should not simply focus on building a legal career but that I should seek to develop and formalise my wellbeing work by starting a company to allow me to combine the skills of experts holistically in a way that would be easier and more effective for companies and individuals to engage with – which brings us up to date.

Looking back at the sixteen year old me, it is hard to believe that I am doing what I am now and the journey that I have had to date. I feel very lucky but I also know that, with enough commitment, effort and support if I can overcome seemingly impossible hurdles, anyone can.

Joana Baptista

Joana Baptista | Oxford High School GDST

Joana is an award-winning 16-year-old entrepreneur from Oxford, currently studying for her A-levels at Oxford High School (Computer Science, Economics, Maths, Spanish). As well as excelling in her educational studies, she is the founder of three successful startups, a podcast show and an Economics magazine.

She has set up a popular code-club for 7-17-year-olds, as well as teaching computer science and internet safety workshops to disadvantaged pupils. She also teaches science lessons and has delivered talks at a variety of schools and University on Business, STEM and Misogyny, both to students and teachers. Further to talks, she has sat on, and chaired, panels for the University of Cambridge, Girl Guides, STEMettes and most recently, Facebook.

Her three passions lie in STEM, Entrepreneurship and feminism, which she advocates for through every activity she is involved in.

Her proudest achievement was being named the Young Star at the Women of the Future Awards 2017, having been a finalist the year before in the Rising Star category of the FDM Women in Technology Awards.