Divya H

Divya H | Barclays

Divya is an Analyst in Barclays Technology Centre India. She completed her B.Tech at IIT Kharagpur. She is an enthusiastic and quick learner. Despite being a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, she quickly learnt niche programming technologies, such as Java and Big-Data, on the job and delivered tasks with accuracy. Although being the youngest member of her team she has taken up responsibilities and delivered tasks at par with the senior members.

She loves swimming and has won several medals in city and college level competitions. She is a passionate artist and was the governor of her college Fine Arts club. She is a fitness freak and always finds time to hit the gym.

She is compassionate and strongly believes in giving back to the society. She conducts workshops on employable skills to underprivileged youth and also regularly teaches schoolchildren from backward communities. She has also led a few environment conservation drives. Divya aspires to set an example in leading a business with sustainable growth.


Dhrutika Savla | Bloomberg

I was born in Mumbai. My schooling was completed partly in India before I moved to Ethiopia for a short while with my parents. I graduated to become a Computer Engineer and worked as a Software Developer for two years. After that I pursued my Master’s Degree. I work for Bloomberg as an IT Executive to support clients globally – India being my major region – with their day-to-day challenges.

Multitasking comes as a core value to many – myself being one of them. Like thousands of women, I strike a balance between my corporate life and duties at home. I am always enthusiastic to take up any tasks and responsibilities delegated to me. I believe I am a dependable person whom others can lay trust on. I do little things to save the environment, as I strongly believe these do add up.


Deepika Agarwal | PRS Legislative Research

It was the desire to chase my dream of creating meaningful social change, which led me to out of my safe sanctuary, Gangtok, at the foothills of the Himalays and venture into the heart of India.

I completed my schooling from a residential school, Mayo College,and then pursed my degree in commerce from one of India’s premier institutes. My work with National Service Scheme helped me understand a range of problems plaguing India. I received a grant from Enactus for my community-outreach project Annapurna in college.

I have developed a range of skills as a financial analyst under the Barclays Global Graduate Programme, such as analyzing social issues better and deconstructing the economics behind them. Interactions with the global cohort of graduates has exposed me to a myriad cultures and socio-economic problems. I have reached out to various partner organizations, such as East London Black Women’s Organization, Micro Tyco, Om Foundation and Ashadeep Foundation.

I am currently engaged as a Legislative Assistant to a Member of Parliament Fellow, assisting one of India’s most distinguished parliamentarians. Having worked so closely on key national policy issues and constituency-linked development projects has further strengthened my desire to leverage sound public policies to ensure all-round, participatory governance and development for all.


Archana Joshi | Barclays

Positive thinking is my core competency and my USP is pleasant talk. Determination, dedication, positive attitude and patience are the key principles I practice in everything I do.

I have completed an MBA and I presently work for Barclays as an Assistant Vice President. I am very passionate about my work; during my stint at Barclays I have received five Star Awards, one special recognition Award and a Long Service Award and have been promoted twice.

I graduated from NMU with the highest rank at the University. During college and school days, I had participated in many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and received prizes in debate, singing, group dance, sports and rangoli competitions.

Motivating people is one of my hobbies. I believe and experience that positive thought can transform life; I indulge in passing on ‘The Secret of Positive Thinking’ to those who indeed need it. So far I have delivered lectures on positive thinking and motivation to Rotary Club Members, employees of start-up firms, organizations for underprivileged women, school and college students. I want to utilize my skills for the underprivileged women to help them come out of distress and make them Independent so that they live life with dignity.

I have been participating in marathons and running for causes like ‘Save girl child’. I also enjoy travelling, music, and nail art. I am a family-oriented person and love, respect and value my family. My life is beautiful and I express gratitude towards all who are part of my life.

Anullekha Naveen

Anullekha Naveen | Practicing Dentist

A practicing dentist managing her own successful events management company, Dr. Anullekha Naveen is not your average 30-something Indian woman. When she is not running around in her scrubs attending to patients or managing parties and weddings, doing book reviews or even running around behind her two sons, she actually runs too! Yes, an avid runner and cyclist, Dr. Anu has several completed half marathons and triathlons. Being forever enthusiastic and charged about life is her mantra and she loves seeing every day as an opportunity to push herself a little further and achieve something a little more than what she has already done. Dr. Anu strongly believes a supportive and adjusting family is the key for a woman to achieve success today. She also believes every person should pursue some hobby to unwind and that for her is travelling and baking. If running keeps her body fit and her day jobs keep her mind active, it is baking and travelling which feed her soul!

She is someone who strongly believes in the mantra; ” Life is all about striking the right balance”. Love everything you do and that definitely is the never failing path to a happy, successful and productive life that we strive to live!

Cheers to the new age woman!

Ankita Kaur

Ankita Kaur | Barclays

Ankita Kaur is working as a Team Support Specialist for Barclays. She started working in 2009 at the age of 19. She has successfully completed five years with Barclays. She is her parent’s only daughter and a Delhi State badminton player. She was promoted as a TSS last year, after lot of hard work, dedication and focus. There are many things she is known for such as her go-to attitude, easy approach, bring it on nature and always on top of everything.

Some of her achievements include:

  • Getting nominated for global recognition program in Barclays under the category excellence and was nominated by Shelley Malton for an idea she submitted.
  • Got 11 ‘thank you’ notes from the higher management including the Director of Barclaycard, Neha Nigam and Vice President, Priyank Shrivastava for various things.

Moreover she was part of the monthly commentary of Indronil Chakravarthy, Director of Barclaycard. He said of Ankita: “I’m amazed to see the zeal she has for the work she has to do.”

Ankita has always tried to overachieve her goal but makes sure all around her get the benefits out of it. She is a team player and always high on energy. She lives on basic values of respect; integrity; service; excellence; and stewardship.

Amarjeet Kaur

Amarjeet Kaur | Ernst & Young

Its been three years since I started working at EY. I am really enjoying working in challenging environment because its not easy and I’ve had the chance to learn a lot from it. It is not easy every time to put smile on your face but I am trying to on daily basis. I would like to cheer my peers and teammates, because I would like to start a day with full energy. I believe that life does not always turn out the way we want it to, but it turns out the way it has to be, so try to solve every problem and do something which is memorable. That way people will remember you forever. I have seen many ups and downs in my life but still I think if we raise the bar of our happiness, everything will be settled in a correct manner. I would like to enjoy every moment because there is no time to turn back. I have been twice awarded  with an EY Excellerator Award and kudos award in my organization for an outstanding work. I love to sing and dance and have won many prizes during schooling, college and my time at EY as well. I believe in “before giving up try one more time”.


Alicia Souza | Freelance Illustrator

I was born and raised in Abu Dhabi in a loving family of five. After school, I moved to Melbourne where I completed my graduation in Communication Design and worked in cafes and a bank to pay my rent. I realised then I wanted to be an illustrator. However if I couldn’t do that, I promised myself that I would be in a completely different field. Five years later, I moved to Bangalore to do just that and have been working as an illustrator ever since. I’ve worked with big corporations like Google, Air Asia, Yahoo etc. and tiny start-ups and individuals. I’m an Ink Fellow and a very proud dog-mummy.


Aanuu V Thaakur | Dynamic Designs

Exemplifying the growing confidence and spirit among the current crop of female entrepreneurs is interior designer, Aanuu V Thaakur. With over 18 years of experience in the intensely creative arena of designing and decorating, Aanuu has firmly carved a niche for herself, enjoying the confidence of both corporate clients as well as small businesses and homeowners in search of innovative, low cost solutions.

Aanuu has a virtual who’s who list of clients and can draw satisfaction from the fact that some of the most envied homes, offices and shops carry her hallmark of good taste.


PUBLIC VOTE WINNER | Bhawna Malhotra | Barclays

I work in the Model Development Team in Barclays, with an involvement in ten geographical locations and eight products for Africa. My work includes developing Business and Impairment Models. I have spent three years in the current role with one promotion. Furthermore, I act as Secretary to Africa Risk Technical Committee which approves models.

In parallel, I have been mentoring graduates in the team. I design and conduct a variety of training schemes for graduates and other members of the unit, ranging from technical to credit life cycle. I also run a RnR programme for the Unit and have conducted various employee engagement initiatives.

Prior to Barclays, I spent a year working in Merchandise Analytics at one of the biggest Retail Chains of US. I completed my Masters in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute Delhi, where I led the Placement Committee. In school, I have been part of the student council for three years and served as the Head Girl. Along with this, I have been part of the school badminton team and volleyball team, representing my school in zonals. I was an active participant in debates and declamations across three languages - English, Hindi and French.