Sally Clark

Sally Clark | Barclays

Currently Chief Internal Auditor at Barclays where I have worked for the past four and a half years.  In charge of a team of 700 auditors globally and passionate about what we do in audit and in making sure we continue to improve and innovate the function.  Big supporter as well of the diversity initiatives that we have in the firm surrounding gender and also millenials.  Currently the Executive Sponsor for the Emerge Network which is our network for Early Careers employees in the firm.  Previously worked in Audit at RBS for 9 years particularly focussed on investment banking and at JPMorgan for 18.5 years before that again in Audit.

Shay Doran

Shay Doran | Barclaycard

Shay is the Vice President for Channel Strategy at Barclaycard and he also leads the Male Allies initiative, set up in June 2016, aimed at involving more men in the gender agenda.
Shay joined Barclays in 2007, starting his career in retail banking having just turned 17 and quickly became one of the youngest Branch Managers for Barclays at the age of 19. Since then, he has held various roles across multiple parts of the Barclays group, including retail banking, business banking, business propositions, and most recently, business strategy at Barclaycard.During his career to date, Shay has championed both gender equality & the LGBT agenda, by establishing the Male Allies initiative across the U.K & leading key LGBT events for Barclays.

Athena Livesey

Athena Livesey | WSP

I am a UK and European Chartered Principal Engineering Geologist, with over ten years’ global experience. My career has taken me to Australia and led me across the Arabian Peninsula and back to England. In doing so, I have created a global network and left behind a legacy of impressive, award-winning infrastructure projects that have helped millions of people improve their daily lives.

I have worked on eight multi-award-winning highway schemes, from feasibility to construction, the total length of which rivals the M25. I am incredibly fortunate to do something that I am passionate about, and I am invested in helping other young engineers build a career they can be proud of. As a STEM ambassador and part of WSP's school engagement programme Launchpad, I help young people make informed choices and open their eyes to the creative world of engineering.

In my efforts to promote the image of engineering, I blog regularly, and have written articles about my career, Women in Engineering that have been published in Construction News and Infrastructure Intelligence.

Over my career, I have published two technical journals and had a double page spread on the A1 widening scheme, Gateshead, UK in Ground Engineering. Recently, I gave a technical presentation at the NW Geological Society on the A1widening scheme and was subsequently invited to repeat the presentation across the UK.

On 01 January, I began my two-year tenure as the UK National Chair for the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) Progress Network. I am leading an active group of over 2000 young professionals from a variety of firms, disciplines and sectors across the UK. As National Chair, I form strategic plans to build capacity and provide leadership to the existing regional groups and grow and nurture the network across further geographical regions.


Bijal Majithia | EY

Bijal Majithia works at EY as a Business Change Manager. She is the Hindu faith representative for EY and hosts regular events with the network as well as collaborative events with other networks.

Earlier this year Bijal won an Award for her on going project ‘Food for the Mind, Body and Soul’ in which she leads a team of 100 volunteers to serve various charitable and community projects across the UK and India. These include cooking for and feeding 9 homeless shelters, supporting an abandoned animals sanctuary, spending time at several dementia care homes, collecting toys for Great Ormond street Hospital, helping at a sanctuary that serves autistic children and adults and building care packages for the homeless. The professionals involved commented on how this experience has taught them the importance of being selfless and uplifted them in giving back.

Bijal is the Director and founder of Veda London, a non-profit organisation which shares mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing in the workplace. The project has grown incredibly over the last 18 months, with events across the city including EY, Norton Rose, Schroders, Accenture, Bank of England, BNP Pariba and HS2, with more events in the pipeline for 2017. Veda London has attracted leading speakers on topics related to living a more spiritually focused lifestyle. In a time where people are more spiritually focused than ever, Veda London is a pioneering project in this fast growing space. Due to its success, the concept is even being established internationally in Melbourne and New York.

Bijal also project leads various experiences areas with thousands of visitors. Most recently she created the ‘Veggie Steady Cook’ experience which serves to educate people on the benefits of a healthy and conscious diet through an interactive multimedia experience, including live cooking demonstrations and tailor made recipe books.

Gill Hemming

Gill Hemming | PwC

As a marketer with 10 years’ experience I thrive on delivering large scale campaigns focusing on issues that are of real importance to my firm's clients.

As the Marketing Manager for PwC’s Forensic Services practice, I work with 900 Partners and staff across the country on campaigns targeted at our key buyers and audiences.  I challenge my customers to think differently, to add new dimensions to their marketing initiatives and to put their clients at the heart of everything they do.

Alongside my day job I am a member of PwC’s GLEE (Gay, Lesbian & Everyone Else) leadership, and chair of the GLEE North Committee, positions I am very proud of and work passionately in. I regularly represent the network at internal and external events, speaking on diversity topics including the importance of the “everyone else” to our network.

In 2017 I am leading our networks sponsorship of Pride in London, as well as working on our involvement with Pride in Leeds and Belfast Pride, a first for our firm. I am coordinating over 50 [email protected] activities throughout the country and year to demonstrate PwC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion to our clients, our people and our communities.