Carol Valentine

The highways industry is still largely male with little racial diversity.

For the past 10 years I have been working in highways and I currently work as a Highway Manager for Kent County Council. I manage a team of staff who deliver reactive maintenance on the roads in the west of the county and I lead on providing the road winter service for the county.

As a woman I have been able to influence work on developing modern approaches to winter road service (gritting and other activities) and developed a national presence and voice and I am currently the Vice Chair of the National Winter Research Group, the leading body for highways winter service. I have a drive to continuously improve the services that I deliver, and I am currently doing trials that are attracting attention from highway colleagues in different parts of the country. I am frequently requested to speak at seminars and conferences across the country and last year presented at an international conference in Gdansk, I feel that I am a role model for women generally and women of colour working and thriving in a male environment. Alongside my day job I have a passion for equality, diversity and justice. Contributing to my local community is important to me and I am on the governing body of a local college, with a remit on diversity and inclusion. I am a Tribunal Lay Member serving on two tribunals.
Prior to working in highways, I worked in diversity and equality, economic development and policy work. I also did a short spell in Central Government carrying out a diversity role