Arya Taware

The idea of FutureBricks came to me when I was working for a small housebuilder in London Bridge back in 2013.

Our job was to look for sites and appraise them. We would find a number of good quality sites but the developer was unable to get financing from the banks at the time.

This was largely due to the 2008 financial crisis which has had a ripple effect and impacted housing in the UK in various ways. For example, mainstream banks are refusing to lend to SME housing projects below £5 million.

At the same time, I was fed up with my money sitting in the bank and not earning any interest. So I decided to solve the gap from both sides of the market: If small and medium-sized housebuilders could somehow get access to finance and if people like you and me could simultaneously invest in these fully vetted secured projects from as low as £500, then it’s a win-win solution from both sides and that’s how FutureBricks was born.