Anaya Kamara

I am the founder of Anaya Hair and Beauty, a mobile hairdressing platform that brings beauty to your doorsteps working with a team of hairdressers, barbers and makeup artists.

My background is IT (Information Systems Development) MSc Masters of Science with tons of industrial qualifications.

In January 2006 I experienced a gruesome car accident that took my Dad’s life and I survived with few others. This lead to memory loss and severe trauma due to the shock with leg and body injuries. I was unable to go back to my IT job and was on incapacity benefits whilst going through treatments, counselling and therapy. It was during this time I started to help women in my former estate to do their hair whilst my leg was been treated and sitting down whole day at home. I began making use of time and keeping the mind busy. This went on for 2 years and the word of mouth spreads fast and as my body and mind were healing so does my customers grew and I decided to come off benefits and went on a business start up course with HMRC followed by enrolling in Newham college to study hairdressing All hair types. I gained levels 2&3 Diplomas in Women’s hairdressing and later also gained a Diploma in Beauty Therapy level 2.

I started working as a solo hairdresser for 7 years as I breakthrough in 2016 when I received an Award for Inspirational Entrepreneur by REEBA Awards Organisation. This lead to further open doors and I transits from Solo hairdresser into a platform bringing other hairdressers along so that they can showcase their skills and add value to the community.

Our team as been recognised as UK Top Afro stylist on the Afro Hair and Beauty Show sponsored by BBC in 2018 which makes us proud.

Further more our team strive for excellent in bringing good customer and communication skills whilst on the job. Our platform is structured with systematic processes with a corporate edge that makes us stand out from our competitors.

We are here to stay are our aim is to take it to full national level adding value to our nation in the hairdressing and beauty field balancing work and our clients lifestyle.