Amy Reeve

I joined ExxonMobil in 2009 straight from University.

For the next 12 years I have moved jobs and locations with the company including working within Sales, Marketing, Finance, Project Management and Strategy and in the UK, Belgium and the US. I am currently in the UK as a Business Development Manager.

Throughout my career I have mentored other women across cultures and regions. I have also been involved in our Women’s Interest Network chairing the mentoring committee in Belgium and the Newsletter committee in the US.
I am also involved in our Women’s Leadership Team supporting our current female directors and executives support snd guide the female pipeline within ExxonMobil.

Outside of my day job I volunteer at Isabel Hospice supporting their commercial and Marketing teams. Recently I led a strategy refresh for the organisation during the COVID 19 crisis, at a time when fundraising snd donor support is at an all time low and demand is at an all time high.

I also run a coaching business, supporting women going through divorce or separation rise from feeling lost and broken to powerful and complete. So many women’s confidence gets dented irreparably during the break down of relationships and my goal is to support women to thrive in their new life.