Alice Pelton

Alice currently works as the Head of Strategic Programmes at News UK, where she coordinates strategic programmes central to the future growth of the organisation and supports and advises News UK’s Chief Operating Officer and his Executive leadership team.

Alice started her career in marketing and business development, launching a new e-commerce pet food business in 2011. A year later she was selected from over 500 candidates to join News UK on the Marketing & Sales graduate scheme. She has quickly risen through the ranks at News, working in a variety of digital product and programme delivery roles, in which she has built and monetised multi-million pound news and gaming products for some of the UK’s biggest media brands including The Sun, Dream Team, The Times & The Sunday Times.

Recently Alice has founded The Lowdown – the world’s first peer to peer review platform for contraception. It enables men and women to submit and compare reviews forcontraceptives that they have tried or are using. The Lowdown platform analyses this data, and produces trends and statistics on every type, showing what the most common side effects are,  and how it impacted reviewers’ weight, sex drive, periods and mental health.

Alice created The Lowdown because she is passionate about empowering women with better information on contraception. She hopes the platform will help to force society take these side effects seriously, and shortcut the trial and error approach many women have to finding the right contraception for them.